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Are You Scared of Getting Treated Abroad?

Author: Aditi Singh
by Aditi Singh
Posted: Apr 25, 2018

A gastric bypass surgery costs $35,000 in the US but the same surgery with similar results costs $10,000 in India. Cost of a knee replacement in the US is $40,000 but the same treatment costs $8,600 in Thailand. In the US, hospitals charge $15,000 for a hysterectomy but you can get better treatment at a lower price elsewhere. It will cost you $5,000 in Costa Rica and $4,500 in India. For hip replacement, it is better to go India as it costs $8,500 in India but in the US, it costs $35,000.

The same heart bypass surgery that costs more than $106,385 in the US is available at less than $1,583 in India. It is proved that the cost of medical treatment in developed countries is much higher than that of developing countries. The country-specific breakup of the cost-benefit of medical treatment gives a clear idea of how much one can save in medical tourism.

Here is the list of popular medical tourist destinations with their cost saving in percentage:

  • India (65% - 90%)
  • Malaysia (65% - 80%)
  • Thailand (50% - 75%)
  • Turkey (45% - 65%)
  • Costa Rica (45% - 60%)
  • Mexico (40% - 60%)
  • Taiwan (40% - 55%)
  • South Korea (30% - 45%)
  • Singapore (25% - 40%)
  • Brazil (20% - 35%)

A medical treatment in the US and UK could be more expensive in the absence of an insurance cover. Health insurance can provide partial relief from the high cost of healthcare services but it is a big relief for those Americans and Britishers that are getting treatment in their home countries and not in any other country.

Having insurance cover helps in medical tourism as well. Today, insurance companies give global services. You can take advantage of your medical cover in India, Malaysia and Thailand or in any other country of your choice. The insurance will further reduce the cost of treatment in medical tourism.

Have you ever heard of medical tourism?

Medical tourism is a branch of tourism where patients travel to different countries to receive healthcare services at an affordable price. Here it is necessary to mention that nearly 80% of the demand for medical tourism is driven by cost saving. When the same treatment and care is available at a lower price in other countries, there seems to be no logic in getting treatment in the US and UK hospitals. The cost saving in medical tourism could be up to 90% and it is a great saving that allows patients to travel with their families for rest and relaxation.

Today, medical tourists need not worrying about anything as there are facilitators to take care of their needs. A medical tourism facilitator is a company that makes medical trips to other countries more convenient. Also, travel insurance is available for patients. Your insurer would extend the coverage to your medical tour destination. And you aren’t going to a jungle clinic but to a beautiful country like Thailand where you can explore pristine beaches while recuperating from surgical treatment.

Still worried about medical tourism?

Here’re some common myths that scare people from overseas hospitals

Myth 1: Medical travel leads to bankruptcy

The travel cost could inflate your medical bill to the point where you can face bankruptcy. It is true that you will have to bear travel expense from your pocket but the overall expenditure on a medical tour would be much lower than the cost of treatment in your home country. The minimum saving in a medical trip is 50% and this much money is more than sufficient to fund your travel expenses.

Myth 2: Cheap treatment is low-quality treatment

It is more an allegation than an assumption. How could you say that people in Thailand, India, and Singapore are getting inferior quality medical services? There is no fact in this allegation as there are other reasons behind India and other countries offering quality healthcare services at affordable price. Most hospitals in developing countries are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) that set benchmarks for quality healthcare services.

Myth 3: Surgeons overseas are no match for those in the US and UK

This myth is busted from the fact that more than 10,000 overseas medical professionals including doctors and surgeons are employed by US hospitals and clinics. Accredited medical institutions including hospitals and laboratories employ only highly learned and experienced medical staff.

Myth 4: Overseas hospitals have substandard infrastructure

Over 1000 overseas hospitals have international accreditation by Joint Commission International that is considered to be the highest standard in healthcare services. Medical tourism in Asia is growing at a rapid pace. Overseas hospitals are competing with each-other and with those in the US and UK to get more business. In this situation, it is hard to believe that overseas hospitals could attract medical tourist with substandard services.

Myth 5: Medical tourism is all about cosmetic surgery

While cosmetic surgery like rhinoplasty surgery and face lift surgery is more popular among medical tourists but it won’t be justice to the medical tourism industry to limit it only to plastic surgery. Overseas hospitals provide quality healthcare for everything from a major bypass to a minor facelift. Also, there are alternative therapies available in overseas countries. Ayurveda, homeopathy and naturopathy have emerged as more popular treatment options for chronic ailments like diabetes and hypertension. These therapies are suitable for people of all ages and they are safe.

Myth 6: Medical tourism is new and not an industry

It is a global industry and a source of income for developing countries. Today, more and more countries are opening their hospitals to welcome medical tourists. Medical tourism is the start of a global healthcare industry.


Medical tourism is an opportunity to get quality healthcare services at a very affordable price. It is an opportunity to go on vacation and get health. It is making most of your vacation time. The expenditure on medical and tourism is combined to make healthcare services and vacations affordable. It is the globalization of healthcare industry.

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