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Cheap tyres for the summer

Author: Erik Wall
by Erik Wall
Posted: Apr 25, 2018
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In the Nordic region (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland) the wheather shifts rapidly depending the the season. Now spring has arrived which means the trees are starting to get green and the winter-tyres has to be switched for summer-tires (if this is not taken care of you risk getting a fine by the police and its also not very safe to use winter-tyres during summer). But if youre current summer-tires are worn out you have to buy new ones. This could be pretty expensive. Therefore we would like to give yo some advice on how to get cheap tyres for the summer. The advices in this article can also be used when it comes to buying new winter-tyres.

The first thing you should focus on when it comes to summer-tyres is to read som tests. Its not very wise to buy the cheapest china-manufactured tyres around because thse often get worn out fast than quality-tires which means that you have to buy new tyres again. Instead you should focus on the tyres on top of the tests. These are safe and holds good quality. But how to find these tests of tyres. Well trhe biggest newspapers make tests of summer- and winter tyres each year aswell as the motor-magazines. So keep and eye out for these tests, they can give you a lot of valuable information when it comes to choosing tyres.

When you have found your test-winning summer tyres yould should buy these online. In general its 15% cheaper to buy the tyres online instead of buying them from the local tyre-shop. You can find a good list of online tyre-reseller on this page When it comes to buying tyres online many people wonder wheter they have to put the tyres on themselves. Even though this is possible for those who likes this and knows how to do the most common procedure is that the onle tyre reseller sens the tyres to the nearest tyre workshop. As a customer you simply then just drive t this tyre workshop and gets the new tyres installed. Both easy and cheap! The tyre workshop will also che the air-pressure of the tyres which is an important safety measure. Drive safely out there on the summer-roads!

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Author: Erik Wall

Erik Wall

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