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Two Main Categories of Fertilizers

Author: Eltee Fertilizer
by Eltee Fertilizer
Posted: May 04, 2018

There are certain modern variants of fertilizers like slow release (which dissolve after a longer delay), timed release (which mix into the soil at a fixed time) and similar others. As compared to the factory produced fertilizers we also have organic fertilizers made from natural ingredients. But aside from these different variants, the basic types of fertilizers are granular and water soluble. Let us examine the properties, uses, pros and cons of both types.

Granular fertilizers are composed of solid granules. They fall in the category of slow release fertilizers because they take time to mix into the soil by the process of decomposition, and only after that are their benefits seen. In order to hasten this process, some water can be sprinkled on these fertilizers after they have been administered to the soil. The best way to use these fertilizers is to push them into the ground near and around the base of the plants. One cycle of granular fertilizers would be effective for up to nine months at most, so one should read the instructions carefully to understand how long a particular fertilizer would last and be effective. The slow release variants of granular fertilizers usually last the longest.

Indiscriminate use of fertilizers was quite common in traditional farming that has lead to several dire consequences in the past. With the passing time, farmers in different parts of the country have realized the importance of specialty fertilizers and which has made way for WSFs. Farmers have welcomed micro irrigation system which is also known as fertigation.

Today, fertigation is quite popular and increasingly chosen over their traditional counterparts. With fertigation came the water based soluble formulation also called WSF or water soluble fertilizer. Yes the second category of fertilizers is the liquid or water soluble fertilizer. They usually mix into the soil faster because of the water that they are mixed with before application, therefore their effects are seen faster. On the flip side, the application can be a little more hands-on because the water needs to be mixed in the right proportion. Tin cans with a spray nozzle are usually used to administer Water Soluble Fertilizers in Pune.

WSF are a combination of soluble nutrients which are being adopted in several plant systems. Water soluble ones are highly effective and easily dissolved and thus can be leached out to the crops or plants conveniently through sprinklers and sprays. Nowadays, it has also become easier to control the use of nutrients that are supplied to the plants. Another benefit of Fertigation is that it has highly reduced the undersupply and the oversupply of the nutrients that was found to be common in conventional farming. When it comes to cost factor and optimum use of the fertilizers, WSF proves quite beneficial in reducing the manpower requirement and thus the labour costs.

Farmers usually prefer the water soluble types of fertilizers, but Agro Fertilizers Suppliers in India usually stock both granular as well as water soluble fertilizers. The government of India even supports and promotes eco friendly fertilization efforts.

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