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10 Reasons to Go on a Yoga Retreat

Author: Guru Shwaasa
by Guru Shwaasa
Posted: May 09, 2018
yoga retreat

Summary: Rejuvenate this summer with Yoga. Explore the article and find out the 10 amazing reasons to go on a yoga trip.

Have you ever faced a situation when you feel everything around you is falling apart or you’re losing control over life? These thoughts and experiences are common and a vacation is something we all want at this time to start fresh. But is it enough to have a normal holiday? To rejuvenate and reset, we need more than a vacation, a soulful getaway from the normal life and its chores. A yoga retreat is what we actually need -- a soulful escape to unwind and reset and to get filled with inner-tranquility.

So here are 10 reasons to why go on a yoga retreat:

1. For enhancing the yoga skills

A yoga retreat is for everyone who wants to relax, revive, and revitalize. At yoga retreat, you get in touch with the great art of Yoga that helps you to unwind. If you’re already an avid practitioner then yoga retreat will help you to grow into your practice. At the same time, it helps a beginner or a non-yogi to develop a fondness for the yoga practice.

2. Best way to spend time with yourself

On a retreat, you have the advantage of spending time with yourself in a much deeper sense. A yoga retreat is the best way to feel pampered from within. Yoga retreat lets you be honest with yourself. It sets you on the journey of self-exploration and self-awareness. It also helps you form a better connection with the inner-self.

3. Satisfy the wandering soul in you

A yoga retreat is a perfect way to relax and calm your body, mind, and soul, and an ideal way to go for a vacation and explore the unexplored. You can visit India-- the land of yoga to enjoy a picturesque view and to learn authentic and traditional yoga. Go to a Himalayan yoga retreat in India for the perfect retreat experience.

4. Indulge in mindful eating

We all tend to skip meals, eat in a hurry, and consume anything in order to fill the stomach. All these things are harmful to our health. But at a yoga retreat, you can rejuvenate with clean eating and also indulge in mindful eating.

5. A Great way to detox and reset

At yoga retreat, you can detox completely with the practice of pranayama, asanas, and meditation. Being close to nature, you inhale fresh air and eat and drink clean. This way, along with practicing yoga and meditation, you can detox yourself easily. 6. Form a life-long friendship

A yoga retreat is the best way to meet new people, like-minded people, who share common interests as you do. These are the people with whom you connect and forge lifelong friendships. Practicing yoga with likeminded people and learning from each other’s experiences is truly enchanting and benefitting.

7. Maintain a healthy relationship with the Self and Dear Ones

Leaving home for a while to spend time with yourself is great and reviving your relationship with the Self makes you more confident. But with the help of self-awareness and emotional balancing, you start appreciating your friends, family, and partner. And this helps you to form a stronger, deeper, and better bond with them.

8. A New Life, A New You

Yoga retreat lets you eliminate the bad and old habits quickly, and helps you to kick-start your new life. You flush all the negative thoughts out of your mind and become more positive. You adopt a new lifestyle to live a better and healthier life.

9. It changes your perspective towards life

With the complete rejuvenation and transformation, whether you intend it or not, you tend to develop a positive outlook and new perspective towards life. Spending time in a calm, serene environment is truly refreshing and inspiring. It motivates at every step. You also start enjoying, living, and valuing the present moment. 10. Because you deserve it

With all the life chaos and responsibilities, you may find yourself in the midst of standing nowhere, with no motives, goals, enthusiasm, and life. Yoga retreat helps you to find the true self and makes you fall in love with yourself again.

A yoga retreat is a great way to rejuvenate, revive, and revitalize the body and mind. It is not only about practicing yoga or going for a vacation, yoga retreat teaches you many life lessons, and helps you to live a meaningful life.

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The Author is a Traveler and a Yoga Teacher in India.He loves writing on yoga related stuff. He has been practioning yoga from last 7 years.His strong connection with yoga has made him to organize Yoga classes.

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