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Make Way for Slow Juicers if You Desire a Healthy Future

Author: Hurom India
by Hurom India
Posted: May 09, 2018

Progression of technology is witnessed precisely by the innovations of the electronic productions. Since last ten years, we have encountered many electronic innovations which have appalled us. Air fryer, for instance, is a very ingenious creation especially created for the unhealthy people that we are becoming today by consuming incessantly oily foods. Or the very popular home recycler which has totally changed the process of indoor composting that too without the mess, odour. The food scraps go inside and then comes out prime fertilisers. The flat top cooker is another very effective innovation which eases the works of people who can cook plated foods by the method of microwave automation.

Necessary differences between a centrifugal and slow juicer

After coming across such wonderful innovative electronic products, let us see the wonders of a slow juicer which is mostly known as the best juicer in India. Hearing the term for the first time? Well, the slow juicer is an inventive electronic product which is structured with a cutting-edge technology. Since time immemorial we have learned and used the centrifugal juicer. Now centrifugal juicers are the ones which act more like a blender by chopping the veggies or fruits, whatever it is inside, and concurrently rotate at an immense high speed of 3,000 to 16,000 RMPS. The juice and pulp are segregated solely by the high speed, by this process, we people will get an instant picturesque view of the working method of the washing machine which rotates like a cyclone to dry the clothes from its excessive water content. But one has to know that all the old products cannot be evergreen, there has to be innovation in all the fields of technology because innovation is a necessity.

Just like only after the concoction of the slow juicer we people have come to know that during the high-speed rotation of the centrifugal juicers, the positive and negative ions used to exchange thus resulting in oxidization which further destroys enzymes. Further, this process which is basically a very high speeded one, so it does not probe deep into the products and thereby does not extract the needed portion of the juice. One very true feature after using centrifugal juicer is noticed worldwide that is after the juice is extracted they leave an excessive amount of foam in the upper layer and this is because of the immense speed that is adopted while the juicer is working. We are becoming health conscious as it is earlier mentioned, but when it comes to juicing leafy veggies, wheatgrass, and herbs – a centrifugal juicer is a no-no. They will not extract juice properly from the veggies and you cannot get the needed protein and vitamins from it. The juice which is extracted from a centrifugal juicer, when noticed sharply, the majority consists of water content because it separates easily. The foremost feature to note eventually is about the warranty. Now buying a good electronic product is always costly, and you definitely want to count on something which has a good response and is a promising one. But centrifugal juicers are not that much promising because all they do is provide a warranty of one or two years and not more.

Slow juicer – Any day, anytime!

Now when people are wondering what juicer to use, the answer is – a slow juicer. A slow juicer has certain benefits which have made it the most popular juicer all over the world. A highly used and demanding product, people using the slow juicer has been feeling privileged after making use of it. Why so? The slow juicer has a technology which makes its procedure of working slower than the centrifugal ones. Its slow working mechanism has been because of the cutting-edge technology which directs towards 35% more juice than any other juicers and it is because slow juicers incorporate the cold compression juice extraction.

Authentic amount of vitamin

A slow juicer makes its way through a mechanism which accelerates its process through cool temperature, and it is because of this cool temperature that the remnants of the juice consist of the vital sources of vitamins. This mechanism perpetuates the natural ingredients of the fruits and vegetables, in this way, when we eventually drink we can feel the natural essence of the drink. Now if we consider taking the mechanism of a centrifugal juicer, we will notice that the extremely high speed of the rotator results in a loss of the authentic vitamins of the fruits and vegetables – this happens because the high speed increases the temperature, and the increased temperature wipes out the necessary amount of enzymes and vitamins.

Infinite remedies

It is always a mandatory fact that consuming raw veggies and fruits are the best healthy options. Drinking juice is also an equivalent substitute and a slow juicer’s extraction of the fruits and vegetables are considered to be of the purest forms. Drinking juice of such a pure form is itself a remedy to many of the illnesses that people suffer, for instance, pure juices combat cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. Apart from that, nausea, bloating, are other illnesses which will go away soon.

It even makes way for saving

This slow juicer is, in fact, a money saver. Slow juicers, because of their mechanism, require fewer fruits and vegetables and thus your saving is done. Apart from the fantastic processing, these juicers are also savers.

Confinement of fiber

Slow juicers are the ones which make way for the retention of the fiber. A fiber as we all know is beneficial for our health and getting it in pure juices will be amazing.

No sign of frothing

In centrifugal juicers, due to their high-speed technology, the air fills up the juice and the upper layer is full of froth – thus there is more froth and less juice. But in slow juicers, the slow processing does not give rise to froth and people can enjoy froth-free juices.

Deep-rooted longevity

Coming to a very necessary point is the duration of the juice and it is extracted. The happy part is, the juice can stay even up to 72 hours. Centrifugal juicers remove the enzymes and necessary minerals and vitamins, whereas the slow juicers retain it.

Time to discuss the slow juicers

H-AA series: After a lot of observation about the slow juicers, it is time to compare and contrast the best among them. This particular series is priced at Rs.33, 490. The RPM of this very series is 43, and it is built with the very effective Alpha technology. The spinning brush which is a key feature of the juicer has a speed of 17. Coming to the important part of purchasing this juicer, this is a must buy for people looking for an elongated warranty period. The warranty on the motor is of 10 years, which no other product will offer. In fact, the warranty on the parts is also of 2 years. You can put in plenty of fruits and vegetables because the bowl capacity is of 500 ml. It has the desired features of an ice cream strainer, fine strainer, coarse strainer, control lever. The weight of the juicer is quite considerable, namely, 4.8 kgs. The added privileges which people will feel after its purchase is the drying rack and the hopper cover. Found in some really cool hues of rose gold, black gold, and cherry red – it is definitely a must buy.

HE Series

This series will be apt for people finding a juicer within the price of rupees 25,000, for it is priced at an affordable price of Rs. 24,900. This series is of the lowest price but this does not mean that the functioning of it is even a bit deplorable than the other ones. It has an RPM of 70, with the latest 1st gen technology. The spinning brush speed is 70 which is quite perfect for the rotation process. despite being of low priced, the warranty on the motor is of 5 lump sum years and the warranty on the parts is of one ear – which makes this product a money saver as well as being a multi-featured one. The bowl capacity of it is also not as less as the money, which is 350 ml – quite big for a person to drink it all by themselves. The weight being a bit high of 5.1 kg does not really matter as per the price is concerned. Available in really nice colors of dark grey and wine red, people will be able to now display a fantastically colored juicer in their house.

HN series

If you have loved the first series but contemplating on whether to spend the amount on it, then you must pause and look out for this following series because the price of this one is Rs. 29,900 but the features are almost same and you will feel a hole in your pocket. The RPM of this product is same as the first one, that is 43, and the spinning brushes speed is of 43 too. The technology marks its stage as the 2nd gen one, which is a very fast processing one. People will be really happy to know that this particular series also provide warranty on the motor part of 10 years and on the parts of the juicer as 5 years – thus there is no way of stepping back from buying it. In fact, if you were thinking about the portion size of your juice then you might be laughing out loud because this series also has a bowl capacity of 500 ml – now you can actually make a lot of juice for yourself in this summer and chill. With almost same features available like the first one of having fine strainer, coarse strainer and control lever – this is a go-to product. The colors available are the wine red and the noble silver which re really unusual yet stark colors to be displayed.

HT series

This product is a bit on the high-end price but lesser than the first series. This HT series is the one which is a very demanding product and that is the very reason for its soon finishing stocks. The RPM and spinning brush speed of this product being 43 it is almost same as the previous ranges. The technology is that of the previous one of 2nd gen, and thus we are getting an advanced mode of technology. The warranty on the motors being 10 years and on the parts being 2 years – directs towards a satisfaction on the part of the purchasers. The bowl capacity is that of 500 ml, which means ample of juices can drink. The colors of this juicer are gold and silver, so buy it as soon as possible that too of one of your favoritecolors because hardly few products are left in stock.

All these series of Hurom Slow JuicerReviews say that these juicers are very efficient in marking the features of their own. By observing each series we can understand the different needs of the customers based on the segregation of prices, and other features. Therefore, it can be evaluated that slow juicers are the one which will serve us in the long run and not will it serve according to its mechanism but its extraction is a very pure one will itself be a remedy for curing all the people. People who are still confused between buying a centrifugal or a slow juicer must immediately go through this very article because it is not a comparison but also brings out the best that one will feel after drinking juice from a slow juicer. Hospitals and nursing homes have already initiated purchasing slow juicers and the patients too have felt the difference. If your family is having any patient then buying a slow juicer is mandatory. Buy it right now and thank us later.

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This series will be apt for people finding a juicer within the price of rupees 25,000, for it is priced at an affordable price of Rs. 24,900.

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