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How Employers Can Be Prepared With a Comprehensive Fingerprinting Livescan

Author: Maxine Dalbert
by Maxine Dalbert
Posted: May 17, 2018
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A comprehensive background check is vital for individuals hiring someone to look after children, such as a nanny or teacher, or positions in hospitals or government roles. Comprehensive background checks can help to predict negative patterns in behavior that could prove detrimental to a business, such as stealing. Behaviors like aggressiveness, irresponsibility, or even theft can not only damage your business, but sometimes even destroy it. If you are looking to fill a position with an individual that will play an important part of your business, a comprehensive background check ensures you identify how a subject will perform, given their history.

Although many individuals can be screened through the interview process, this process is not guaranteed for understanding how an individual will perform once the eyes of management are elsewhere. Sure, you ask poignant, thoughtful questions, but this kind of verbal investigation can only go so far. Comprehensive background checks dig deeper than mere words, because a professional investigator uses their hands-on research techniques to scour an individual's past.

The best part is, you don't need a whole lot of information about the individual to have a comprehensive background check performed. In fact, all you need is the subject's name and their completed address or social security number. (Having the subject's date of birth is also helpful, though not required.) Using this small amount of information, the private investigator can adequately find the subject's email address, aliases, age and date of birth (if not provided), addresses, possible relatives at each address, bankruptcy filings, property owned, civil actions against the subject, possible relatives or relationships, vehicles registered, and national criminal records. As the name suggests, a comprehensive background check runs through everything pertaining to the subject, ensuring that you get a good picture of the person.

Before you go panicking that such a service could cost an exorbitant amount of money, know this: a reputable private investigation firm can offer a comprehensive background check for as little as $59 per search. In addition, the search takes on average only one business day, so you don't have to wait around for a long time to receive the information about a potential employee. You interview the person, start the search, and within one day you can know for sure whether the individual is worth hiring. This kind of fast turn-around time makes it easy for an employer to ensure their business is always running without a hitch.

In today's economic climate, it's important for businesses to protect themselves from bad employees and the danger that these individuals bring. With a comprehensive background check, you can maintain the status quo without worrying about any trouble that may come from hiring the wrong person. Use the search, see the results, and then make your decision. You'll be glad you did.

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