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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest with Ruby on Rails 

Author: Shalini Taknet
by Shalini Taknet
Posted: May 17, 2018

Having an online presence is no longer a requirement for a business that ambitiously wants to increase its outreach on the global level. It has now become the prerequisite for any business that simply wants to survive in the ever-growing competition of the market and industry.

To maintain a healthy online presence, it is important for any business to choose a platform that promises durability. Why? Because market is flooded with a multitude of amazing languages and frameworks. With the growing complexity of the requirements, it is becoming easier for languages to face their immature demise. The spectrum of demand and supply make certain languages become unpopular, leading to their certain but slow death.

In such scenarios, it is always the best bet to choose a tool that promises longer-life. Otherwise you will have to switch the entire foundation of your online business, which would be undeniably a cumbersome task that would require hefty resources and time.

What more, out of all the amazing languages and frameworks available, not all are suitable for every business requirement. Some of them are highly robust but time-consuming, while others highly flexible but not completely reliable in terms of scalability. Therefore the selection of the language, framework and tool should always be based on the exact requirements of a business.

Since now, we are on the same page in terms of understanding the significance of the choice mentioned in the title, let’s begin exploring the reasons why Ruby and Rails would be the best option for you, without any delay.

Trust of the Biggest companies: Did you know that the social networking conglomerate Twitter was first built on Rails? And many other renown websites like Basecamp, YellowPages, SlideShare, Shopify, and GitHub are all built on Ruby on Rails. The presence of such big names on the platform clearly speaks a good deal of its reliability. They are all big-scale projects, too, so there’s no need to worry about the scalability options of the framework either. So, if your idea is as big as any of these web heroes, or even if it has the potential of growing to that scale, Rails indeed is the right option for you.

Complete Efficiency: Ruby is known for its simple syntax, and rails for its dedicated environment that promotes best development practices. The combination of both is the simple key for rapid development. It is even said that building applications on Rails take almost half the time than what creating an application on other platforms would consume. What more? Rails is an open-source framework that runs on free operating system and supports free databases and web servers. A complete win-win!?

Highly Interactive Front-End: From the high-class examples above, it is clear that rails can be used to create highly interactive websites that demand almost real-time responses. The framework provides all the necessary tools to import the elements for a lot of content inputs with complete support for the stored data’s management and customization. This is why if your project has an active requirement for content management Ruby on Rails would be the best option for you. Along with that, the framework also simplifies the embedding of tools for site navigation, and uploading and management of complex data, making it ideal for CRM solutions as well.

So these are the top three reasons that predict that investing in Ruby on Rails would be the best decision you could have made. With its varied features and insurmountable support, it is indeed the ideal framework that will pave way for you to achieve both for the short-term and long-term business goals.

Thinking how you can leverage the potential of the framework to realize your business goals? Discuss your requirements with a reliable Ruby On Rails development company, or hire Ruby On Rails developer with ample experience in the area to get things going for you.

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Author: Shalini Taknet

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