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Android Oreo features -sweeter than ever!All you need to know about Android 8.0

Author: Recrosoft Technolopgies
by Recrosoft Technolopgies
Posted: May 18, 2018
Android Oreo features – sweeter than ever!Overview- Android 8.0

On 21st August 2017, Google revealed the latest version of its Operating System- Android Oreo. Android Oreo comes with the tag line ‘Sweeter than ever’ indicating the newer and ‘sweeter’ features it brings along. The new Operating System was initially showcased at the Google I/O Developer Conference. Smarter, faster and better in performance. Android Oreo is true to its name, providing a ‘Sweeter than Ever’ user experience. Along with ground breaking new features, this latest Android version has several changes and improvements. Android Oreo is in the shape of an Oreo Cookie and depicts the sweetness its improvements bring along. The Cookie Sandwich reflect the improvements in speed and memory. While the creamy center may correspond to the PiP feature that Android 8.0 has introduced. The unveiling of this newest android operating system coincided with the Solar Eclipse and its features are as special as its release day.

Android Oreo featuresPicture- In- Picture

Undoubtedly, the most talked about feature of Android, since its showcase in March, has been PiP. Picture- In- Picture will allow the user to multi task. One can continue watching a video on a small virtual window while working on other applications simultaneously. PiP aims at playing videos in the background. It can be easily launched using the home button. This feature has been present in smart TVs for quite some time. Now with Android Oreo, smartphones will also have the same strength, to do two things at once. Android Oreo will now allow any app to play in the background, for a ‘Sweeter’ User Experience.

Background Limits

Android Oreo has come with a list of limitations that it will place on what Apps can do in the background. The aim is to restrict app function in the background through automatic limits. Background Limits will help create optimized apps, leading to better battery life and device performance. By placing limits on Background activity, Android Oreo will become a Battery Champion for Android Devices.

Notification Channels

Users have been constantly complaining about the plethora of unnecessary notifications they receive from several applications. Android Oreo now allows its users to manage the notifications using Notification Channels. Users can customize the settings of each app, indicating the notifications they wish to receive. Most importantly, users can prioritize notifications for the same app, silence some, while receiving the rest. Using Notification Channels, users can also set different notification signals for different apps or alerts to differentiate between them.

Autofill APIs

To help its users save their time, Android Oreo comes with an additional feature of Autofill APIs. This feature will allow the users to auto-fill their personal details and passwords through a central password management system. Autofill APIs will reduce one’s reliance on several password managers and save the time wasted in entering the details.

New Emojis

In addition to the exciting emojis in the existing Android versions, Android Oreo brings new ones along. Android Oreo is equipped with several redesigned emojis and also a new superhero army. With more than 60 new emojis in place, this latest Android version is a store house of entertainment.

Notification Dots

Applications in Android Oreo will display dots if they have any new updates or notifications for the users. These dots will alert the user about in app notifications. On noticing the notification dots, the user can navigate the app and not miss out on any update.

  • Changed Setting Menu

Android Oreo brings with it a redesigned Settings Menu.Android Oreo features appear in Grey Color on a white background. Additionally, the Setting menu is now very simple and straightforward, with a reorganization of all menus.

Turn On Wifi Automatically

Another change worth mentioning is the ability to turn on the wifi automatically when the user reaches a recognized wifi zone. Users can turn off their wifi when out to save the battery from unnecessary draining. But when the user will enter home, the wifi will turn on automatically, allowing the device to connect to a previously used network.

Better Storage Controls

Previously, unnecessary and cached data was bound up in a handful of basic categories. With Android Oreo, Storage categories have become organized and more specific. This allows the user to easily get rid of unnecessarily stored data from a particular category, instead of searching for non- essential files lumped together under ‘Apps’.

Better Security

Android Oreo will be equipped with Google Play Protect aimed at better protection of the device. It will scan all the installed and incoming applications for any malware or threat to the device. Android Oreo will immediately notify the users in case of any suspicious activity.

Better Audio and Camera

Android Oreo will be have AAudio to promote low latency audio. Its camera will allow 50% zoom through a double tap feature.


At present, Android Oreo is compatible only with a limited range of Nexus and Pixel devices. These include Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C and Nexus Player. Nevertheless, some non- google devices can also expect an update soon, including the leading smartphone brands, Samsung, Nokia, LG, among others.

Updates for the Non- Pixel or Nexus Users

It goes without saying that Google users will be the first ones to receive the non- beta update of Android Oreo. Nevertheless, non- Google users will be receiving the update soon enough. Officials from major brands have confirmed that their handsets will get the upgrades in the near future.

Asus has confirmed that it will receive Android Oreo by the second half of 2018 for Zenfone 3 and Zenfone 4.

Additionally, Blackberry will get the software updates for its new android devices by 2018.

Furthermore, HTC U11, HTC U Ultra and HTC 10 will be among the few HTC devices to receive the Update.

Finally, Latest LG devices will receive the Android update by end 2017 or early 2018.


With so many exciting features to look out for, Android Oreo features has already gained immense popularity. As a result of this, it is increasingly sought after by both Google and non- Google users. Consequently, Android Oreo is prepared to set the Android Stage on Fire.

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