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What Should You Know About Wrongful Death Claim?

Author: Sarah Thomas
by Sarah Thomas
Posted: May 23, 2018
wrongful death

Wrongful death or accidental death lawsuits are there to bring justice to those family members that are left behind a fatal accident. The family members are hurt as they were dependent on the income of the deceased. There may be numerous causes for such an incident, and if you are going through the pain, you may get in touch with wrongful death attorney Miami to have a viable claim.

Parents, surviving spouses may file such a claim, and dependent children depending on such circumstances. But you have to be aware of the kind of damages; they are economical and non-economic.

When there is a wrongful death because of the defendant’s negligence, the compensation is awarded as compensation for monetary losses and expenses incurred, and they are awarded to cover the cost of medical care, funeral expenses, and lost earnings. The non-economic damages are meant to compensate for the destruction of the physical pain and suffering and the destruction of the ability to enjoy life.

Most of the defendant might not know that the destruction of the earning capacity to carry on employment or other means of earning compensation during the lifetime of the decedent may be compensated. The estate may deduct probable income taxes, living expenses and may adjust for inflation as well. The total amount is than then reduced to get the present value. A good attorney has professionals to get the correct estimate of the decedent’s potential earning capacity. Furthermore, the decedent’s claimant may also sue for the destruction of capacity to enjoy various activities of life like family, work, sports, recreation and similar other aspects.

You may also be compensated for the wrongful death, but no clear formula may calculate the amount in an instant. To this end, you can work with wrongful death attorney Miami to get the maximum compensation awarded. In fact, you may get compensation for pain and suffering if the loved one did not die instantly.

In fact, under certain special circumstance family members who witness the death of the family member can pursue a claim for the bystander emotional stress and for the shock and emotional & psychological trauma that they have gone through.

Finally, you may choose a law firm only if it shows that it has proven capabilities to get the claim.

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