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6 differences between a summer day camp in Massachusetts and overnight summer camps

Author: Marcus Lewis Day Camp
by Marcus Lewis Day Camp
Posted: May 30, 2018
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When it comes to boys and girls summer camp, should you consider a day camp or an overnight camp? This is a question that many parents are asking. But, before you can choose which camp is going to be best for your children, you should know what the main differences are between a summer day camp and an overnight summer camp. These are the 6 main differences between these two summer camps.

1. With a day camp, they are sleeping at home

The main and number one difference is that with a summer day camp in Massachusetts, the children are sleeping at home. They are just at the camp during the daytime.

This is great for children that don’t really like going out and making friends. They are still able to go back home in the evenings and spend the time with their parents.

2. With a summer overnight camp, they are at the camp, sleeping with friends

A summer overnight camp, children are sleeping in cabins and they are learning to get along with other roommates. This is something that especially children that don’t have siblings will learn.

3. Overnight summer camps learn children more life skills

The thing about summer overnight camps is that children are learning more life skills. They learn that they can survive without their parents and that sleeping at another place than home, isn’t as bad as what they might think.

They are learning to become independent, and to fight for themselves. They can’t run to their parents if there is something wrong with them and a friend. They need to sort it out, by themselves. And, they will also learn more that technology isn’t really essential to get through life.

4. Summer day camps are all about having fun with friends

The best summer day camp is all about having fun with friends. Going out on outings and learning new things about themselves and the things they love to do.

The children that are still dependent on their parents will know that they are going home in the evening, so they are more relaxed and enjoy the camp a lot more. Children that are sleeping in an overnight camp that is still dependent on their parents will have a much harder time not to become homesick.

5. Summer day camps are for smaller children, overnight camps are for older children

People think that summer programs for kids are just for the older children that can take care of themselves and that doesn’t need their parents as much anymore. However, this isn’t completely true.

6. It is cheaper to enroll in a summer day camp

Not everyone can afford boys and girls summer camp, where they are sleeping over. This can become really expensive and is more for parents who don’t have a shortage on the money. However, this doesn’t mean that those children can’t experience a summer camp. It is cheaper to enroll in a summer day camp as to a camp where they are sleeping at the camp.

There might be a huge difference between summer day camps in Massachusetts and summer overnight camps. However, no matter which one you are choosing for your child, it will still be a lot of fun for them. Before you can make your final decision about the type of summer camp you are choosing, you should make sure that you really understand the difference between a day camp and an overnight camp.

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