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Protect body from Allergy

Author: Allen Mark
by Allen Mark
Posted: May 30, 2018
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A hypersensitive response of immune system to harmless substances can cause allergy. The reaction of it is not instant. Before reacting to any substance the immune system slowly develops sensitivity towards that substance.

The substance that is the reason behind allergy in the human body is called allergen. Allergens can prevail anywhere, they can be found in food, environment, or even in drinks. Though, many allergens are not dangerous and do not cause any harm to most people.

The immune system requires time to know and remember the allergen. When with the time it becomes sensitive to the substance, the immune system starts constructing antibodies to attack it. This whole process is known as sensitization. Sensitization is a slow process it takes few days or in some cases several years to complete. And in some cases the process remains incomplete. It causes patient to experience symptoms of allergy but not full allergy.

List of few facts on allergy:• Usually an inappropriate response of our immune system to a harmless substance causes allergy.• Dust, pollen, and nuts are the common allergens that can cause vomiting, peeling skin, sneezing. • A blood sample is required to test an allergy.• Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergy.• In taking proper anti-allergy drugs can cure the symptoms of allergy but it needs desensitization.• Anaphylaxis is one such allergy that needs emergency treatment.

Allergic people suffer from various triggers and symptoms and below are the list of symptoms that allergy can cause:

Skin Reaction• Flaking• Peeling• Rashes• Itching

Dust and Pollen• Itchy eyes and nose• Runny nose• Blocked nose• CoughFood Reaction• Swollen tongue• Vomiting• Stomach cramps• Tingling in the mouth

Ask your doctor before taking any medicine and once the medicine is recommended to you, you have the privilege to

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