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Get Your Furry Felines Active with Pet Accessories

Author: John Alex
by John Alex
Posted: May 31, 2018

Being a cat parent comes with a quite a number of responsibilities, including providing your kitty with love, care, and adequate training, however, is making sure their nutritional needs are met, and that you are not only satisfying their appetite but also feeding them the best.

Many pet owners think that cats – especially older ones – don’t need any type of toys and are naturally lethargic that they like to rest and nap most of the day. This is a common misconception. Actually, cats are crepuscular – which means that they tend to relax during the peak hours of the day and the night due to their natural instincts. This is because these are the hour's other perceived predators are assumed to be awake and therefore felines prefer to relax at these times. Otherwise, they are found to be quite active during dawn and dusk hours.

In no way, however, are cats inactive. In fact, they are naturally strong and athletic, with their fascinating abilities to run, leap and jump. Cat Accessories Singapore can change the inactiveness of cats which is not natural; since domestic cats stay indoors almost all the time, they tend to adopt a sedentary lifestyle and lose their habit to exercise, which is a major health concern.

The Importance of Physical Activity

Commonly, it is believed that most of the cats are a bit fat, leading pet parents to unknowingly neglect their need for entertainment and physical exercise. Less physical activity not only leads to further health problems, but it also accounts for a shorter lifespan for the pet.

The Wonder That Cat Toys Can Do

Pet Shop Singapore can help pet parents get the right essential toys for their kitty to keep them active. Often, pet parents are keen to invest in toys for dogs but don’t think cat toys are necessary. It’s quite important that cats are kept entertained and physically active. These cat toys help maintain their natural predatory instincts while still keeping them indoors.

Types of Cat Accessories

For a good mental and physical exercise Cat Accessories, Singapore provides a few of the best toys that help stimulate your furry pet. They can help you bond well with the new addition to your family. A few great cat toys are catnips, feathers (stimulates natural instincts towards birds which is a safe bet), Strings (old school type – every kitten loves a string ball, enticing and rather experimental for felines) and so on.

While there are countless types of cat toys to choose from, there are a few toys that are commonly loved by cats and hold a high success rate among the felines. Here are a few recommendations your cat is bound to love such as Catnip filled Cat toys, Interactive toys (stuffed toys that move and bounce back), Motorized toys (a definite treat for those kitties making them to move around more), Interactive Puzzle Feeders (simple enough for smart Felines to jumble up and re-arrange some sized puzzles), Wand Toys and Laser Toys (their fascination for moving lights keeps them on their feet).

While there are a number of fascinating accessories for cats around, Pet Shop Singapore makes sure that pet owners keep a few things in mind to ensure that the cat does not lose interest in the toys. Preferences for moving and rotating toys can help and a frequent change in cat toys will suffice. Personal time can never be replaced with toys. A curious cat is a cat that is always cared for. So make sure you spend more time with your feline buddies daily.

About The Author

John Alex writes an interesting articles and blogs on pets and help people in making the right choices for purchasing cats and kittens. He recommends CatSmart as the best name to trust for cats and cat products in Singapore.

About the Author

John Alex writes an interesting articles and blogs on pets and help people in making the right choices for purchasing cats and kittens.

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