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Six things to take care of when moving your cat to a new home

Author: Umer Adnan
by Umer Adnan
Posted: Jan 06, 2020
cat carrier
  • Sense anxiety Go for pheromone therapy
  • Keep your cat in a safe place
  • Do not change your cats day to day routine
  • Transport your cat in a safe-cat carrier
  • Set up the new cat room
  • Introduce your cat to new rooms one at a time

Let’s face it, cats hate changes. Moving your cat into a new home will be anything but easy. You see it is easy to envision your cat sitting right next to you in your new home but preparing your cat for the move will be a herculean task. First, because cats get attached to their surroundings and they find it hard to adjust in the new environment. Second, cats are quite protective and private about their surroundings so even the slightest change will cause them anxiety and stress. Third, you have to teach your cat to get ready for the move but not alone because we are here to help you solve the problem. Let us take a look at all the ways that will help you soothe your cat during the moving process.

Sense anxiety Go for pheromone therapy

At the very onset, your cat will love sitting inside the boxes. He will play all day with the boxes and would love to take a nap quite often. But as soon as you start packing all the things in the boxes and emptying rooms, your cat will start sensing a change. That’s when the anxiety starts kicking in. So, it is best to use pheromone products in this case. There are plenty of them to choose from. Like my cat loves the pheromone collar and it helps him stay calm. Similarly, you can use other products like sprays and wipes.

Keep your cat in a safe place

Especially on the day of the move. Your cat will go crazy if you let him walk around the house while you are packing all the items. The cat hormones will go haywire and he will feel an instant surge to succumb to depression or anxiety. So, you have to make sure that you keep your cat in a room that you will pack last or a safe place that will help your cat feel at home. Don’t forget to give your cat food and water while you lock the room while packing the rest of the house. You can also provide your cat with a litter box and a soft padded bed.

Do not change your cats day to day routine

This is a noteworthy point because moving is a tedious task. You will be so occupied with several tasks that you might forget your cat’s day-to-day routine. Which is very likely. You have errands to run, utilities to transfer, things to clean and loads of packing. But you have to keep some consistency in terms of feeding your cat, petting him, and playing with him. This way your cat feel a sense of belongingness and stay composed.

For different families paying attention to the cat means a few snuggles now and then. For others it is playtime and for me and my cat, it is watching TV together and feeding him his favorite food. So, make sure you keep your cat worries at bay by paying attention to the cat. Unlike your dog or any other emotional support animal, your cat will not demand extra attention. But in the midst of the moving chaos, attention in the form of treats and love will work best for your feline friend.

Transport your cat in a safe-cat carrier

A car safe cat carrier will be your best friend in the moving circumstances. It is a known fact that your cat will be disturbed by all the commotion. So, having a safe cat carrier is like an added bonus. One major reason to purchase a cat carrier is that your cat will be safe and less anxious during the journey. Additionally, you can also talk to your vet and take his advice on how to keep the cat safe and anxiety-free during the move. In most of the cases, a vet will give you a sedative. So, you have to be sure about whether or not to give the medicine to your little cat. This also means that a sedative will work best in the cases of more anxious cats.

Thus, it is quite simple. If your cat is highly anxious, give your cat a minute dose of sedative recommended by a licensed vet. This will help you keep everything in order and your feline will stay calm all throughout the journey. Instead, you will also be able to set-up everything worry-free at your new house. Eventually, both of you will have a safe and stress-free move.

Set up the new cat room

As soon as you reach the new house, you think it is time to get the cat out of the carrier. But this isn’t true. An empty house is dangerous for your cat’s mental health. So here’s what you can do. Do not take the cat out of the carrier before setting up everything for your cat. Pick a room or a safe place and then keep food, water, cat litter box and a nice bed for your cat in that area. Only after setting up a room will you be able to take the cat out of the pet carrier.

Introduce your cat to new rooms one at a time

Everything for your cat revolves around safety and belongingness. So, make sure you introduce your feline friend to new rooms one by one. The best way of introduction is by paying attention to the behavior of your cat. Now, there are cats that are fearless and they will not take enough time to adjust to the environment. They will proudly stroll along the new hallways and rooms. But on the other hand, the feeble ones will need your help. This means that you have to play games with them, snuggle quite often, and offer them cat treats. After a few weeks, you will notice that your cat is back to normal and doing her own thing.

I hope all these tips will help you take care of your cat and you will have a nice time moving your belongings. Also, if you have any extra information on moving with cats for us cat lovers. Don't forget to enlighten us by commenting in the comment section below. Till then keep your cat safe and have a great move.

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