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5 Easy Steps To Become the MacGyver of Planning A Fishing Trip

Author: Nate Marks
by Nate Marks
Posted: May 31, 2018
fishing trip

A fishing trip allows you to get in touch with nature, spend some time alone or bond with family, contemplate life, and, of course, catch some amazing fish for dinner! You want to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, so use these tips on how to plan a fishing trip so that you're prepared!

1. Have the proper gear

A poor fishing pole can completely ruin your fishing trip. Don't let that happen by purchasing a quality fishing pole from any sporting goods store that can be used in a variety of different locations successfully. It's easiest to get the right fishing pole when you know the type of water you'll be fishing in and the type of fish you will be fishing for. One pole might be better in shallow water while another one is better in deep water. You'll also want to get the best bait for the specific fish.

2. Plan for food and entertainment

Fishing can get rather tedious at times for some people, especially if the fish aren't biting or someone doesn't particularly enjoy fishing. Plan appropriately with snacks, drinks, games, music, magazines, and other items to help entertain you while on your fishing excursion. Some people enjoy the silence, which is even better. It's still a good idea to have a couple of beers handy to enjoy while contemplating life on the water.

3. Pick the right location

Pick a location with good fishing. Canada is known for its fishing, and you can also find a British Columbia fishing lodge to stay comfortable while you're on dry land.

Finding the best location requires a large amount of research. Read into the body of water you will be fishing in so that you know which fish are most plentiful at the time you will be there.

4. Learn about the fishing laws in the area

If you choose to stay in a British Columbia fishing lodge, you'll want to know any laws in the area regarding fishing. Do you need a permit? How much is the permit? How long is the permit good for? Are there any fish that are off limits? Are there restrictions on fishing methods or bait? How early is the body of water open or is it available 24 hours a day? All of these questions will prevent you from running into a problem. Also, buying your permit early can help save you money instead of buying it when you arrive. You should also remember that the laws vary from location to location so laws in one area won't be the same in another area.

5. Consider a guide

Many locations offer a guided experience for people who are new to fishing or new to fishing in the location. A guide can tell you the best places to get results, and they can teach you how to fish properly. Even veteran fisherman can learn something about their form from a guide. They may even have tips about where to enjoy food and drinks when the day is over and other advice about the area that you wouldn't have known otherwise.

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