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Avoiding busy roads in Dubai

Author: Umair Aslam
by Umair Aslam
Posted: Jun 13, 2018
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Dubai has taken an inside stage and left behind developing capitals of the world like New York and London in drawing in the best the world has to offer. However, each good thing comes to some significant downfalls and the cost Dubai has to pay in this regard is the constantly rising traffic.

The Dubai city is thinking about the movement issues and the administration has taken a lot of activities to relieve the masses from the torment they have to face on the daily basis. Till government devises a solid plan to solve the matter, we have discovered a simple and compelling way to counter the jams which are by either renting a car or making use of carpooling services. By renting a car in Dubai or carpooling, you are as a matter of fact saving the country some major assets. Moreover, because of fewer cars on the streets, there are fewer chances to experience traffic jams in the city.

Regardless of whether you are renting a car in Dubai, carpooling or simply driving by in your own privately owned car, these points should be kept in for a smooth travel.

Stay away from the rush hours

It might sound absurd to you, however, I will repeat that it is not really necessary for you to get out of your homes during these hours until it is really needed. Amid these high traffic hours, there is atrocious vehicular movement on streets in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman as occupants of the urban areas leave for their workplaces, school, or work in these circumstances. A report by Gulf news says that in rush hours movement levels is between 49%-77% which is quite high. So make a point to keep away from the roads as much as you can or stall out during this time to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Try not to Move ahead Keep Calm

Mudsling and bashing the authorities won't help you reach your goal on time. In fact, it will create more problems for you. Simply make an effort to be quiet and composed. Remain in your line and don't hop it, since it can even cause an uproar on the road and cause even more delays. Losing your temper won't change the situation any better too. So, to kill time, listen to music to divert your focus off the jams that you are currently stuck in.

Navigate the Chaos

You ought to ceaselessly know about your environment and your current circumstance especially when you are out on the roads in such high traffic times. You ought not to stop each time that you see next driver's red lights. This is the fundamental purpose behind the mishaps and the piling of the cars during the FOG. The key is to keep up a separation between the vehicles. In fact, it is also helpful to keep your eyes on the movements of the other cars to watch for alternative routes and avoid chaos before you step into it.

Be careful of the Driving Distance

It is constantly cautioned to keep a safe distance between the two vehicles while driving out and about for the wellbeing of the drivers. We often get to see the slogan of keeping a safe distance at the back of the cars. It is not just mere words but imperative for safe driving too. Not keeping this much separation between the vehicles is a noteworthy reason for a vehicle accident that you frequently observe on roadways. As a rule, try to keep a distance that would allow a three-second following to maintain a strategic distance from hazardous circumstances. For a crisis, find a settled point ahead which can be a bridge or a shadow over the street.

Rent cars

Instead of taking your own cars out all the time, rent one in Dubai. The city is home to car rental companies Dubai and thus it would be really easy for you to find one here in case you are here to travel. More so, you can also carpool to your location with someone else who is following the same route.

With these tips, you are sure to save yourself a lot of precious time and hassle as you go along.

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