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Factors That Affect the Scrap Metal Prices

Author: Guna Seelan
by Guna Seelan
Posted: Jun 14, 2018

Every year more than a million tons of scrap is recycled around the world. Now the metal scrap recycling has been generating more revenues for the stakeholders who are involved in the recycling business from recycling centers to distribution. In the beginning, the metal scrap industry has grown for some time, and the price of the scrap metal continues to rise.

Due to the growing need for using the metal in various commodities and industries, the scrap price increases. As the scrap metal is used in all areas of everyday living, the demand for metal scrap increases which result in an increase in price. The best part of recycling is that it can repeatedly be repurposed and reused without losing its original value. On the other hand, recycling the scrap metal, both the environment and the economy gets benefited. As the metal scrap is recycled, it consumes less energy, and less pollution is released into the environment.

Apart from the demand for the metal scrap, the purity of the scrap plays an important role in the rise of scrap metal price. The purer the scrap is, the better the prices will be. The purity of the scrap is one of the important factors that affect the scrap metal prices.

Fluctuations in Scrap Metal Prices

Since there will be frequent fluctuation in metal scrap prices, every scrap dealers in India should keep track of the scrap prices regularly to know the current India scrap price. If the price dips very low, then the scrap metal processors ultimately close down temporarily. They won’t be able to pay for their business overhead costs. Here is a quick look at the various factors that affect the fluctuation of scrap metal prices.


One of the main factors that affect the scrap metal price is the location. If the scrap buyers are located farther apart, then it can affect the transportation cost. To protect the individual profit, the scrap buyers have to factor the transportation cost into the prices they offer for the scrap metal.


The quantity of the scrap can also affect the scrap price. If the scrap metal is of high-quality combined with large volume, then will be a positive gain for the sellers and buyers.

Market Price

The fluctuation of the scrap metal price can be caused by the market prices of various other materials such as paper, glass, plastic and other materials. For example, if the copper price increases, then the India copper scrap prices will also get increased.


When certain metal is out of circulation, the demand continues to increase with the decrease in supply. Therefore, the price of the scrap metal gets increased. Likewise, if the supply increases, the demand decreases which could result in price fall.

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