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How Scrap Metal Recycling Actually Works?

Author: Cook Hood
by Cook Hood
Posted: Oct 18, 2018

Are you thinking of the fact that from where you should find the scrap metal? Usually you can find the scrap metal everywhere near you including the buildings and electronics. Among them ferrous and non-ferrous metals are widely used. As scrap is widely available we can make some extra efforts to clean up the environment and can make it really good to live in by cleaning the environment. We can clean it by clearing the scrap, we can get some extra benefits either by clearing the scrap as we can sell it and make our pockets full of money. But before getting the benefits from the scrap you got to know the difference between the metals and what kind of scrap are actually accepted by the scrap yard. Generally, if we take an example of Scrap Yard Southampton or any recycling centers accept normally two types of metals. It is ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The ferrous metals are magnetic and are generally less resistant to corrosion then non-ferrous metals.

You can take an example of ferrous metal as the steel beams, old automobiles, household appliances, farm equipment, railroad tracks, ships, food packaging etc. If you are still confused in determining the difference between the two, magnetism can help you in that as it is the property of the ferrous metals. And to actually determine the property of the magnet you need to grab powerful scrap metal that can be easily available at any store. When coming down to the non-ferrous metals, they are not magnetic and among all the non-ferrous metals copper is the highest paid at most of the scrap yards. So next time when are about to throw the electrical appliances make sure to remove the copper wire as it can make you go with pocket full of cash. If we talk of the second highest paid scrap, it is the brass that can easily be found in the pipelines and the plumbing fixtures.

Lets Get Know About the Scrap Metal

Scrap metal produces high revenue by recycling the scrap. It is generally categorized into two- first is the home scrap and second is the purchased scrap. Home scrap is basically the scrap that is being generated, refined, re-melted and used again at the same plant. Purchased scrap is the one that is not used in the finished product because of its lack of functionality. The example to this is the pipe lines, appliances, electronics etc. that no longer work. Talking of the biggest producer of the Scrap Metal Southampton, the automotive industry is the one that produces it at the high edge.

Going in the numbers we can say that randomly metal industry recycles about 56 million tons of scrap metal and steel, 1.5 million tons of scrap copper etc. Reusing the scrap metal conserves the natural resources and of course big businesses have the access to the growth materials they require. These recycled metals are widely used everywhere near our surroundings be it the skyscrapers, household appliances, computers, ships, railroads, automobiles, industrial machinery, electrical wiring etc., we can use the recycled metal everywhere.

Recycling Scrap Metal at the Scrap Yard

As we often talk about the scrapping, scrap metal, scrap metal prices and how to earn most of the money from it. But we don’t talk about the actual recycling part. Had you ever thought of the fact that what happens to the scrap metal when it actually goes to the scrap yard. To be curious about how it actually works, I will explain it to a certain point. Firstly, it starts with the stripping of the scrap metal to its basic components. Different materials give you the different products like you can copper and led from the radiators, silver from photographic film etc. The huge processors collect the materials, sort it then process it and finally sell the metal to the mills, mini mills and the other purchasers. To completely process the recycling most of the processors rely on the equipment. Scrap yard generally have them the crane or the hydraulic crane that is available on the rail, truck or overhead mountings. Large magnets are being attached to the cranes that lift and move the scrap. Some of the recycling centers or the scrap yards have the facility that reduces the large chunks of scrap into smallest pieces of the scrap. This ability of the recycling centers to reduce down into chunks and reusing the components of their scrap metals will continue to supply the world with the elements that are essential for the civilization.

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