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What Length Golf Clubs do I Need Based on My Height

Author: Kadir Tuncel
by Kadir Tuncel
Posted: Jun 19, 2018
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Golf clubs are not a one size fits all item. It is important that players purchase golf clubs with the correct length. If clubs are too long or too short, a golfer's game can be greatly affected. You should think of your golf clubs like clothing. A tall person wouldn't buy trousers that are too short and vice-versa. Therefore, you should always get a proper fitting when buying a new pair of golf clubs. You invest a lot of money in drivers, irons and putters, so be sure you get the right size.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing golf clubs in relation to your height. Items such as arm length, gender and ability should all be taken into account when selecting a set of clubs.

Irons Length

When finding the current length of irons, golf club fitters will often use floor-to-wrist measurements. A fitter will measure the distance from the floor to your wrist. Once this measurement is found, the fitter will cross reference it to your height. This will give a length recommendation.

According to Golfweek, this is how Ping and other golf manufacturers measure for length. The floor-to-wrist method is considered extremely accurate when selecting the correct length of golf clubs. Although it is recommended to see a golf club fitter for accuracy and guidance, you can complete a floor-to-wrist measurement at home. After getting the correct measurements, visit the website of your preferred golf club maker. They should have an index with the correct club length based on your height and floor-to-wrist measurement. For example, Ping has a color-coded chart you can download from their website to get the correct length of irons you should use.

Driver Length

As a rule of thumb, when you increase the length of a driver's shaft, you increase the club's speed. However, the longer the driver, the less control you may have over it. A longer shaft can make hitting a consistent shot more difficult. It is vital your driver be the correct length as it allows you to control your tee shots much better. It also means you won't send balls flying dangerously down the fairway.

Driver shaft lengths have gotten gradually longer over the last decade. The average was 45". Now, the average length is around 45.5". One of the reasons for the average club getting longer is down to the technology that goes in to it. Players can now control drivers better because they are lighter. It is important to remember that you give up some accuracy when using a longer driver. But what you lose in accuracy, you gain in speed. The length of the driver really depends on the type of golf game you want to play. Keep in mind, long driver shafts are not always better. Tiger Woods reportedly used a 43.5" driver during his most successful years in golf.

Putter Length

Having an incorrect putter length makes a big difference to your short game. A long putter can get your alignment wrong and you won't be able to get your eyes over the top of the golf ball. In addition, a putter that is too long can make you alter your form. If the putter is too short, you could hit it with the wrong part of the clubhead or change your stance.

Height and posture are two factors to consider when selecting a putter. The perfect putter length should allow you to get in position with your eyes looking directly down at the golf ball. This is key as the incorrect length could have you too close or far away from the ball. Wrist-to-floor measurement can be used to determine the correct length for a putter. The best way to get the correct putter length is to base it on floor-to-wrist measurements while taking posture into account.

Importance of a Golf Club Fitting

The best and easiest way to get the correct length golf clubs is to see a fitter. While you may think you can find the correct length on your own, a golf club fitter has experience with a variety of players. They can determine exactly what is needed for your height and swing. Often, golfers have preconceived notions about their swings, ability and the clubs they have used previously. An expert club fitter can dispel these preconceived ideas by watching a golfer swing.

Not every golf club is made equally, and players all over the world need clubs specific to their body. So, don't think you can go to the nearest sporting goods store to get the perfect set of clubs. Seek out an expert golf club fitter to get the correct measurements and advice about your next set of golf clubs.

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