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Why should you outsource your telegram community management?

Author: Sandeep Mishra
by Sandeep Mishra
Posted: Jul 11, 2018
community management

If you have an outstanding ICO team, you possibly already know the significance of telegram community management. It gives you an idea of the main sale participants and allows the team to communicate with its members. Although there is no guaranteed way of knowing how many people will join your ICO, the success of your ICO team can be gauged by the number of members in the Telegram community. Keeping this in perspective, it becomes essential for you to avail the ICO community management services of an ICO marketing agency. Outsourcing your ICO telegram community management is a great idea. You might be skeptical about losing control of your community, but the reasons for doing so are significant and must not be ignored. Below are mentioned the reasons why outsourcing your telegram community management is a good move.

  1. ICO community management agencies know what they are doing. They know how to link your telegram community management efforts with your PR or advertisements. Moreover, they also know which technique suits your ICO style and is in line with your vision.

  1. Additionally, finding a manager and building a team under him can be a very expensive extravaganza. Maintaining the human resources can be incredibly difficult. Purchasing various costly tools may further hurt your pocket without delivering the coveted results. An ICO marketing agency can provide the same results in considerably lesser time and in a cost-efficient way.

  1. The most significant reason for outsourcing your ICO community management to an agency is the accountability factor that comes along with it. The agency is supposed to manage your Telegram community, and thus it is convenient to hold them responsible if you do not get the desired results. Also, you can do away with them after you have launched your ICO; this isn’t possible in the case of an in-house team since you will have to take them along even after the ICO launch. Therefore, the entire purpose of creating the team would be lost once the ICO is floated.

  1. Apart from all the benefits that come along with the employing of an efficient ICO marketing agency, what also works in your favor is the reputation of the agency if you hire a well-known agency which has a lot of experience in community management.

Whether you opt for the services of an ICO marketing agency or not is your call. But, if you indeed wish to hire their services, scrutinize every offer that comes your way. Entities like the freelancers, half-agencies or a blend of the two, may all try to sell you their services, but beware of scams and make a whole-hearted decision.

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I am a content writer at SixPL, a digital marketing agency which specializes in writing Ico white paper.

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