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Why Jagua Works Best As A Natural Black Tattoo

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Apr 16, 2014
black henna

Contrary to what some tattoo resources say, there's no such thing as black henna. Yes, that's right—there's no such thing. While the popular traditional tattooing pigment does produce a near-black color in some natural formulations, it's not a true black. Though, you might have already seen what's known as 'black henna' at online tattooing suppliers or beauty shops. There's a catch hidden in that henna.

The Case With Black Henna

Black henna isn't actually all natural. It's because henna isn't all natural in the first place—as we've mentioned, henna can only produce a near-black color when naturally mixed.

Natural near-black henna is usually darkened through traditional darkening methods that are typically used throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Some of these methods use harmful chemicals like ammonia. The resultant henna does stain the palms of the hands and soles of the feet better, but it's ultimately not safe to apply to the skin.

Due to that, many formulations of 'black henna' aren't actually safe to use on the skin at all. All natural henna is safe to use, when you think about it, so why would you apply an unsafe version of henna to your skin?

Fortunately, there's a safer alternative to henna out there, especially if you want to put black pigmentation on your skin. That alternative is known as jagua gel.

The Safer Alternative – The Jagua Tattoo

The jagua tattoo is considered the perfect alternative for people who want all natural black tattoos without having to put harmful chemicals on their skin. The gel used to create jagua tattoos comes from an all natural plant, one that produces the characteristic jagua tattoo pigmentation from the juice of its unripened fruit.

Like henna tattoos, jagua tattoos take about 12 to 48 hours to completely develop on the skin, producing a deep black or black-blue that's much like the inks seen on professional tattoos. Due to this, jagua tattoo are a great non-permanent alternative to professional tattoos that a lot of people may prefer nowadays.

Probaby the best part about getting a jagua tattoo is the fact that it's completely safe. The juice of the jagua fruit is long proven to be a human-safe pigment that indigenous people of the Amazon have used for centuries. Since it's so safe, anyone of any age and condition can use jagua pigment to produce the tattoos of their liking.

While jagua tattoos are a temporary tattoo, they also last a long time. Most jagua tattoos will last up to 2 weeks, though some will start fading after about a week or so. For about a week, the tattoo will look quite bold in color before it starts fading. After about a month, the tattoo will be almost completely faded.

The nature of the jagua tattoo makes it a great temporary tattoo alternative for people that don't want traditional permanent tattoos. Though, the best part about the jagua tattoo is that it gives people an option to get an all natural black tattoo without worrying about dealing with 'black henna.'

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