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How Seniors Can Sleep Better Every Single Night

Author: Liam James
by Liam James
Posted: Jun 20, 2018
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Sleep is important for seniors in the golden years to stay mentally and physically fit. Seniors should ensure they are sleeping for a minimum of 8 hours every night to stay active next day. If your elderly loved one is facing trouble sleeping at night for some reasons, here are a few exceptionally simple tips for them shared by a Clarksville home care provider.

Take a Bath

Some seniors might feel tired and need to relax but couldn’t sleep instantly. Take a warm or cold bath depending on the weather and apply a moisturizer afterward for relaxation. It can be helpful to many seniors who often struggle to sleep restfully at night. Bathing before sleeping at night is a ritual for many people which encourage a restful sleep.

Sleep in Different Positions

Changing the sleeping position can be extremely helpful to seniors whether they wake up at night or can’t sleep at all. Seniors should create a habit of sleeping in different positions until they find the one better suited for them. Try to sleep in a midline position where the back and neck are straight. Seniors should avoid sleeping on their stomach because it can be harder for them to maintain that position and it can lead to severe backaches or pain.

Use a Comfortable Pillow

If the pillow is thin, the head might tilt backward making it stressful for seniors to sleep. Besides a thin pillow, stacking two or more pillow underneath the head can have a bad effect on the spine. Use a single pillow when sleeping at night or try to make a habit of it. Seniors who sleep sideways can place a pillow between their legs to provide support to their hips and avoid a backache.

Lower Light Exposure

Extra bright light can disturb the body’s internal clock and cause problems with sleeping at night. Turn off a few lights in the house if your elderly loved one is unable to sleep properly. Seniors should not use their phones, tablets, or watch TV because it can disrupt the sleep. Get rid of every kind of lights inside the bedroom or wear an eye mask to sleep better.

Listen to Gentle Music

A white noise generator is used to create different soothing sounds of wind, surf, and steam which can be pleasant for the brain to focus on the current task. White noise is famous for assisting people to sleep, however, seniors should make sure the sound isn’t too loud for them. Rather than using the phone, lie down and close the eyes.

Seniors who may not be able to sleep properly at night and wakes up in the middle of the night need someone to look after them. Your elderly loved one may need help with incontinence or emotional support, the reason families should consider professional home care. Clarksville seniors can receive much-needed help by hiring a live-in caregiver who is expertly trained in providing tailored care.
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I am Lim James working for the seniors and helping out to provide seniors a healthy environment.

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