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Remedies to Overcome the HDMI Connection Problems

Author: Jennifer Truong
by Jennifer Truong
Posted: Jun 26, 2018

Entertainment! We all love it. There are days when we start watching TV series and lose the track of time. During such times of pure indulgence, a TV screen going dark can prove to be a nightmare. It can be quite frustrating. And then follows the, aftermath of finding someone who can come and check the troubles with your entertainment systems! Well, "Self Help is the Best Help" - they say.

If you do not want to ruin your day, you can overcome the problem yourself. Whenever there are such issues, it the troubles are mostly with your HDMI cable connection. If you are not a technical person, you might not have any knowledge about how HDMI cable works. So, we are here with some remedies to help you get over your HDMI connection problems.

HDMI Handshake

HDMI is one of the major connections used in all home theatre setups and the HDMI Cord connects all the components. These components recognize each other and communicate through the copy protection. Professional refer to this phenomenon as - HDMI handshake. So, if you cannot see anything on your TV screen, you can assume that the connected components are not receiving HDMI encrypted signal. And this might happen if something goes wrong with the handshake.

Take a look at some home remedies you can apply to overcome the connection problem:

Look into Your HDMI Cable Connection

HDMI Wires do not have tight grip. These are unlike the composite or component video connections. So, even if you slightly move your HDMI connected device, the wire may slip out of the equipment. In order overcome this problem, HDMI self-lock might come of help.

Try A Reverse Switch- On Pattern

People usually have a have the habit of switching on TV and the HDMI source component thereafter. Now, try out the reverse mechanism. See if that solves your connection problem. And if it does, make a habit of switching on the same way thereafter.

"What the hell!" - you may say if the reverse trick too does not work. Relax! What you can do now is keep the TV and the component turned on and simultaneously try to fix the cord to some other input on the TV. Now move back to HDMI. If it works, just pen it down for your future reference.

Check Equipment’s Video Resolution Setting

When you can see nothing on your entertainment media screen, you need to check its video settings Menu. If the video resolution menu setting shows an ‘auto’ mode, you might have found the problem. The video settings should be more stable. You need to reset it from ‘Auto’ mode to a native resolution that matches with your entertainment media. You can get a perfect matching resolution if you find these matches. (720p, 1080p or 4K for your Tv or video projector or 4K capable TV or Video Projector, respectively).

  • The Eliminate Approach’

When none of the above remedies work, the last resource that can be used is to ‘Eliminate’. Eliminate the by-passes and directly connect your HDMI source cord to your TV. If this trick completes the task, one can catch the main culprit. There must be problem with the eliminated by-passer which is home theatre receiver/ HDMI source component/ Home Theatre receiver combination. One can use this elimination method in inevitable circumstances. Otherwise, it’s not an efficient method for using permanently.

The High-Definition- Resolution Issue

The luxurious lifestyle defines HDR entertainment medias. If you have it, you may consider that as a glitch factor. When you connect HDR TV or video projector to HDMI Wire, a connection indicator should appear on the top left or right on the screen corner. When you don’t get this indicator, it means there is a connection issue. You can resolve this issue by following these tips:

Ensure you have a Hi-Speed HDMI Cord ranging from 10.2 to 18 Gbps. 18Gbps is most preferred.

Home theatre receiver must be compatible to your HDR TV screen

Change your video resolution setting from ‘Auto’ mode to ‘4K/2K’ if required.

DVI-HDMI Connection

DVI screens are now a passé but if you still have a DVI connection that you need to conjoin to HDMI enabled device, what you need is HDMI to DVI conversion cable. It has HDMI on one end and DVI on the other. Or you may get DVI/HDMI adapters and cables.

Laptop to TV HDMI Cable Connector

We often watch what our cable providers broadcast. But what if you are at a party and you prefer to see your picnic pictures on the Big TV screen? Well, it’s simple. Connect your Laptop/PC which has the pictures stored in it to your TV using HDMI.

When you get laptop to TV HDMI connection trouble, use any of the 3 ways to overcome the connection error-

Keep your TV switched on and connected to HDMI cable. Then, boot your laptop

Keep your TV switched off and boot on your laptop. Then, switch on the TV

Switch on your laptop, then TV and thereafter, connect HDMI cable to both these ends.

The End

We hope these remedies helped you to overcome the difficulties. If not, look up into the electronic communities and you might find issues and their solutions given by the experts. As a last resort, you can get in touch with a professional who might be able to help. Happy binge watching!

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Jennifer Truong is the owner of SF Cable, a california based online retailer of all kind of Computers, electronics, electrical accessories, networking accessories, cables, wires. Jennifer has extensive experience in the Electronics industry and blog.

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