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Tips to choose the best 4K HDMI switch

Author: Julianne Macford
by Julianne Macford
Posted: Dec 04, 2017

A 4K HDMI switch receives signals from multiple HDMI devices and sends one of the HDMI signals to your HDTV. If you have multiple HDMI devices, the 4K HDMI switch will prove useful and you will be not required to plug and unplug HDMI devices frequently.

With so many HDMI switches in the market, it can be a tough call to pick the best 4K HDMI switch. To make things simple for you, we are telling you about few things you need to consider while buying an HDMI switch.

Number of Ports

There is a wide range of HDMI switches in the market and the primary difference in them is the number of HDMI inputs the device has. For example, a 4 port HDMI switch will allow you to connect 4 HDMI devices. Higher the number of ports, the more expensive HDMI switch will be.

You need to ascertain the number of HDMI ports you require. If you purchase an expensive HDMI switch with more HDMI inputs and they remain unused, it only means a waste of money. For most people, the best 4K HDMI switch would be the one with 3 or 4 ports as most homes have 3-4 HDMI devices.

Supported Audio and Video Specifications

The 4K HDMI switch should support video resolutions like 4K, 1080i/p, and all DVD resolutions. If the HDMI switch does not support this basic video resolution it is not worth considering. The video resolutions mentioned above are frequently used in Blu-ray players, HDTV broadcasts, and HD-DVD. Also, the HDMI switch should not upscale or downscale any video or audio contents as it will only mean the loss of quality in the output.

HDCP Compliant

Today majority of the satellite TV broadcasts and video content streamed through other sources is HDCP encrypted. This is specifically done to curtail privacy and ensure the signal is not copied when traveling through devices and cables. If the HDMI switch is not HDMI compliant, you will not be able to view content with HDCP protection.

Automatic Switching or Manual Switching

Automatic switching – the HDMI switch would automatically switch to the HDMI source. For example, if you switch on 1st HDMI source, it will switch to the 1st HDMI source. If you switch to the 2nd HDMI source, it will switch from 1st HDMI source to 2nd HDMI source. It means you need not turn off the 1st HDMI source. In simple words, the HDMI will switch to the latest HDMI source which is turned on. This can be a problem if you want to switch to the 1st HDMI source without switching off the 2nd HDMI source.

Manual switching – As the name suggests, the HDMI switch requires you to select the HDMI source through the device panel or through the remote. Thus, you can see buying an HDMI switch with both switching options seems to be a good idea.

The basic idea of the HDMI switch is effortless switching between HDMI sources. The 4K HDMI switches in the market support manual switching and/or automatic switching. The best 4K HDMI switch would support both automatic and manual switching.

Whenever you buy a 4K HDMI switch make sure it has the features mentioned above and you can ensure your home theater setup would be in good shape.

Do you know any other important features to look for while buying a HDMI switch? Please feel free to comment.

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