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10 Office Accessories that Will Make You Feel More "At Home" in Your Cubicle

Author: Taylor Landis
by Taylor Landis
Posted: Jul 16, 2018

I recently started my position at Skutchi Designs where I work in my office cubicle. Which makes sense considering we’re a company which specializes in manufacturing cubicles. When I first started here, my cubicle was bland and boring. I’m fortunate enough to have glass-top panels allowing light to flow through, blue accents, and a modern touch. Therefore, my cubicle is much less bland and boring than most. However, my work space didn’t feel like mine. I barely had anything on my desk, nothing on my walls, and not one single decoration. I spent so much time here, I needed a dramatic change. So, with a few DIY projects and a little creativity, I reinvented my space. Here’s a few suggestions that worked exceptionally well for me and my cubicle:

1. 1. Decorative Lamp

Lighten up your crammed, dark space (and your day) with a decorative lamp. A pretty desk lamp will provide that homey touch and add warmth to your cubicle that those bright fluorescent lights could never offer.

2. 2. Calendar

A calendar is a great way to balance your work, home, and personal life. Keep everything written down on one place where you’re guaranteed to see it everyday when you come into work. I live out of my planner. I carry it around in my work bag and have it open on my desk every day. As someone who works full-time, has a part time serving job, and teaches horse back riding lessons, while still trying to keep track of my personal life, my calendar is the primary reason that I complete all my tasks at work, show up to my other jobs, and still pay my bills on time.

3. 3. Wall Clock

Hanging a bright and colorful wall clock in your office adds decoration and a little bit of personality to the space. I know that basically everyone has a laptop or computer in addition to their phone, all of which will tell you what time it is, so this idea may sound redundant. But, at the very least, you’ve added a touch of extremely necessary decoration to your boring cubicle walls. If you don’t have access to the time from your desk, then this idea is more of a necessity than a decorative addition. After all, you’d hate to be late to a meeting, or even worse, late for lunch.

4. 4. Pictures or Framed Art

Personalize your office cubicle with pictures of family and friends or framed art. Covering your empty cubicle panels with framed personal photos or your favorite artwork will make you feel right at home, and colored picture frames will brighten up your office space and add some texture to your walls. As an added bonus; if you’re having a stressful day, personal pictures and artwork will help lighten your mood.

5. 5. Mirror

Hanging a mirror in your tiny cubicle has multiple benefits. First, it makes your small workspace seem bigger and roomier. Second, use a mirror with a colorful frame or just paint the frame a different color, other than black or white, to add color to your cubicle. Lastly, it’s super convenient to have access to a mirror right from your desk throughout your day just in case you need to fix your hair or touch up your makeup. Make sure that cute guy four cubicles down always sees you at your best.

6. 6. Keurig or Coffee Maker

No more mid-day coffee runs interrupting your busy work day. Personally, my day doesn’t begin until I’ve had my coffee, and I’m pretty sure the general public feels the same way about their daily dose of caffeine. Create a coffee-corner on your desk or bring in a rolling cart to carry your Keurig, k-cups, and mugs. Refuel directly from the comfort of your cubicle whenever you need.

7. 7. Mini-Fridge

Always have drinks and snacks available in your space and keep them stored in a dorm-size mini-fridge. This will be especially useful to store creamer and milk near your office coffee station. Trust me, I know how hard it is to focus on work when all you can think about is how hungry you are and there’s still two hours left in your work day before you can go home and eat. Just watch out for your coworkers trying to take your snacks or use your fridge space.

8. 8. Plants and/or Flowers

Add some color and life to your dreary work station with plants or flowers. I promise it will brighten up your mood when your day seems to be dragging on and on. If you’re worried about keeping plants alive in your office, utilize fake plants. I’m the worst at keeping flowers alive, but fake plants can still brighten up a room and put me in a better mood just the same as live ones. If you’re feeling extra creative, paint the flower pot that you keep your plants in to add even more color to your cubicle.

9. 9. Decorative Pillow and/or Blanket

Reach optimum style and comfort with a decorative pillow and blanket. Not only will these accessories add decoration and color to your office, but they’ll make your uncomfortable desk chair that you’re forced to sit in for eight hours a day so much more tolerable. That blanket will also keep you warm when your boss has the thermostat set to 65 degrees in the middle of January. You can’t turn down multi-functional accessories.

10. 10. Paint or Decorative Tape

Paint or add decorative tape to everyday supplies to use as decorative storage solutions. For example, paint an old shoe box to use as file organizers or to hold your office supplies. You could also spray paint your metal trash can to add some color to your cubicle. Use decorative tape or wallpaper to brighten up your bland and boring filing cabinet. Just about anything you can find lying around your house, you could probably just add some color to and use as an office organizer.

The most important thing when decorating such a small space: pick a color scheme or a theme and go with it. Having a mess of colors scattered around your cubicle can be overwhelming and distracting. Stick with your color scheme to give your office space a bright, relaxing, and homey feeling. Decorate and accessorize your cubicle to match your style to make it feel like your space, not a crammed office that you’re sharing with 50 other people. You’ll feel much better in your office cubicle when you feel like you’re working in your home away from home.

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