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Phone Systems in Toronto - for Your business!

Author: Frank Bower
by Frank Bower
Posted: Jul 05, 2018

A growing business requires right things to fall in the right place. Business is not all about making profits but also about satisfying your customers which will provide you with long-term benefits. A business phone system is a significant need for a growing business that helps you to make your work easy and comforts the collaboration and communication process in an office. Verbal communication and ways to provide a system which facilitates proper communication between the employees calls for a need of installation of a business phone system.

Business Phone Systems in Toronto have a wide variety of choice when it comes to phone systems. They can opt for landline, Voice over internet protocol, cloud hosted, or completely virtual systems. With a vast selection of Business phone systems in Toronto, finding the correct phone system for your business can be a difficult undertaking.

A Business Phone system is an advanced calling network system which is designed to improve communications for both large and small businesses. They are designed to handle the needs of the businesses, which include customer service calls, and call routing facilities.

The useful features of a business phone system in Toronto are

  1. Multiple lines - This allows the business to have several telephonic lines for communicating with several customers at once.
  2. Voicemail- This makes it possible to store messages, and makes retrieval possible.
  3. Conference calling- It is a very useful feature for the businesses. This allows more than two people to be on call at the same time. It is very useful to interact with employees or clients at remote locations.
  4. On hold messages- This feature lets the caller know that their call will be answered shortly as soon as a business company executive is free to take the call. It lets the caller know that their call is still active.

There are various types of telephone systems which are suitable for different businesses. The different Business Phone Systems in Toronto work differently.

  1. Multi line phone systems: This system can have several lines running through the same unit. It allows multiple people to be online and take calls simultaneously. These systems are installed with Simple-2 lines and complex 4 phones lines.
  2. VOIP phone systems: These phone systems operate using broadband internet connections unlike the traditional phone lines. It is easy to install, has advanced features such as call forwarding using the mobile app and are reasonably priced. It works by channelling voice into data packets which are transferred through an IP network and turned back to voice at the end of the connection. It composes of a business related software which is used to manage phone numbers, equipments, and network connections.
  3. Private Branch exchange phone systems: This phone systems routes incoming calls, and the outgoing calls through the businesses phone lines and offers many advanced features such as call holding, routing to extension numbers, and conference calling.
  4. Cloud Phone systems: This system takes care of handling the call routing systems and signal processing remotely for a very low monthly fee. it can either be in the form of PBX system or VOIP system. It is a completely off site system which saves space in the office, and is easily callable and cost effective as well.

The advantages of installing a phone system in Toronto are:

  1. Easy communications and expansion- Once a telephone system is installed in your business it is easy to move to newer and upgraded systems and accommodate additional features as the business expands.
  2. Secure communications- Your employees need a secure way to communicate with existing and prospective clients. The meeting between business managers and employee too need to be highly secured. A good telephone system can provide that secure connections to your business.

GenVoice is a telecommunications company in Toronto offering a wide range of cloud communication services including business phone system (PBX), call center, contact center and open API. GenVoice specializes in white label phone system, VoIP phone system for hotel and hospitality industry. To know more, visit

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