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Find Employees To Help You Run Your Charity

Author: Damien Justus
by Damien Justus
Posted: Jul 05, 2018
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Running a successful charity can be overwhelming. You might be wondering how you're going to find great people to fill your open positions. However, it doesn't have to be too hard. If you use the tactics below, you can hire the right people to help run your charity in no time.

Clearly Define the Role

The first step in your mission of finding the right people to help run your charity is to clearly define what you need. What will the role entail? Do you need accounting expertise? Lobbying? Marketing? People on the ground? What kind of experience level do you require and what are some non-starters from candidates? This process of elimination will help you find the right candidate in unique places because you're focused on exactly what you're looking for.

Inject Your Mission Into Your Marketing

Think about how to find potential employees. You might think you should post to job boards and lead with the payscale, vacation days, and other typical perks of the work you do. However, this might not be the best approach. If you instead focus on your mission and promote that when looking for candidates, you will be more likely to attract people who are really on board for your cause, not the cash. This can work out much better in the long run.

Network Leveraging

It can be hard to hire someone you barely know. You need to be able to trust them with all sorts of work and tasks. In order to shortcut this, try hiring from a pool of people that are peers of your current workers. Leverage your own network as well and put the word out that you're looking for great people for a major cause. This has an added benefit, because it creates more loyal and cohesive employees.

Online Platforms

In today's day and age, being online is essential for any charity. This is where you can find many of the best candidates for running your charity at all levels. Look on LinkedIn and charity websites first. Consider reaching out to recruiting agencies that specialize in certain fields of interest, such as the JMJ Phillip Brands. Then, expand to looking on social media for people who might fit the bill.

Social Media

Your social media account is your new calling card in today's world. You need to have a strong social media presence. If you don't, you could miss out on major opportunities to get attention for your organization.

Clean up your social media so you are showing the best pictures and emotional imagery of how you help people. Get your fans and helpers engaged and increase your followers. By doing this, you are much more likely to catch the eye of great candidates as they are browsing online. If you can make a video that goes viral, for instance, then you can accomplish more for visibility than years of advertising on radio or tv.

Find Unique Perks

It's a fact that charity work can be difficult. However, it is more rewarding than a lot of jobs for people that value the mission you are pursuing. This is what you should focus on.

Don't lead with the amount of money that someone can make working at your charity. If they are obsessed with money, then they are not the right fit. No one works at a non-profit to make a lot of money. Instead, focus on the unique perks that your organization brings to the table. This could come in the form of travel, free healthcare, prestige, internships that lead to higher positions, and the prestige of working for a great company.

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