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Author: Rajeev Tiwari
by Rajeev Tiwari
Posted: Jul 09, 2018
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What is a mutual fund?

It is a process of collecting money from investors and then invests this money on their behalf. It charges a small fee for managing the money. This is a good investment vehicle for regular investors who don’t know much more about the investing of money. Investors also select a mutual fund scheme based on their financial aim and start investing for achieving their goals. For Buy And Sell Mutual Funds Online you also refers to a trust that collects money from a number of investors who share a common investment objective. After that, it invests the money in money markets instruments, equities, bonds and other securities.

Advantages of Mutual fund:

1. Diversification:

It includes the mixing of different types of investment within a portfolio. The Mutual Funds advantages are that diversification is automatically done.

2. Professional Experts:

The advantages of Mutual Funds that it is managed by the expert’s Professionals. In Mutual Funds, you have an experts mutual fund money managers to handle your overall investment money.

3. Liquidity:

One advantage of mutual funds that is the ability to get in and out with relative ease. Liquidity refers to the ability to convert your assets to cash with relative ease. It also considered liquid assets since there is high demand for many of the funds. You also retrieve your money from mutual fund very quickly.

4. Costs:

Mutual funds are one of the best investment options considering the costs involved. This is best for those investors who are just starting out.

Disadvantages of Mutual Funds:-

1. Misleading advertisements:

The different types of advertisements of different funds can guide the investors down the wrong path.

2. Costs:

For Buy And Sell Mutual Funds Online firstly you also provides investors with the professional management. This comes at a cost. The fund manager salary basically comes from the investors.

3. No guarantee of Returns:

Mutual funds are not provided with any type of guarantee for the returns of the investments which made in its various schemes.

4. Difficult to select right financial security:

This is a very difficult task for every investor to select an appropriate and suitable financial securities for investment to generate good returns.

Types of Mutual Funds:

I. Money Market Funds:

Money Market Funds are made up of risk-free debt instruments. These funds invest in short-term fixed income securities. These are the safe place to park your money.

II. Equity Funds:

These funds are invested in equity stocks/ shares of companies. They provide a high result and considered as a high-risk fund. You also select from different types of equity funds including those that specialize in growth stocks, large-cap stock, and small-cap stock.

III. Balanced Funds:

Balanced funds are invested in fixed income securities. The aim of these funds is to provide a balanced mixture of safety, income and capital appreciation.

IV. Income Funds:

Income Funds serves the purpose of providing regular income and capital protection to the investors. These Funds provide current income on a steady basis.

V. Index Funds:

These funds have lower costs than actively managed mutual funds. These funds invest in instruments that represent a particular index on the exchange.

VI. Gilt Funds:

These Funds are directly invested in securities which are issued by the government. The securities in this funds are assigned the highest rating.

Risks in Mutual Funds:

Market Risk:

The value of its investment decline in response to certain events and because of unavoidable risks that affect the entire markets.

Liquidity Risk:

These Risks are arises when you are not able to Buy And Sell Mutual Funds Online and your asset at the desired price at any given point. This could have a negative effect on the fund’s performance.

Credit Risk:

When a counterparty is not able to meet its obligation in full time. Or when a bond issuer can’t repay a bond.

Interest Risk:

The risk when a value of fixed income securities generally falls when interest rates rise or when an investment’s value will due to a change in the absolute level of interest rates.

Schemes in Mutual Funds:

Open Ended Schemes:

Open-Ended Schemes accepts funds from investors on the continuous basis. In these schemes, repurchase facility is also available.

Closed Ended Schemes:

These schemes are also opened for specified times period. Closed Ended schemes are schemes which are normally listed in the stock exchange.

Interval Schemes:

These are basically a close ended scheme with a peculiar feature that every year for a specified period (interval) it is made open.

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