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Tips to Plan a Move

Author: Sarah James
by Sarah James
Posted: Jul 09, 2018

Planning and making a move can be traumatic with decisions needed on everything from safeguarding your valuables to your van hire. The following tips will help relieve the stress and help your move run smoothly.

  1. 1. Consider the time you have before you move and the amount of time the move will take as organizing and planning your move can help save you time and money.
  2. 2. Consider using a local van hire service for local, intercity or interstate moves but if moving overseas there can be customs and biosecurity issues and storage considerations to take into account.
  3. 3. Assess your moving budget and find out if your cost covered by your employer? Do you need to save money for the expenses? Do a quick time cost analysis. Taking a few days off work may cost more in lost wages than hiring a professional mover.
  4. 4. Make sure your lease rental or sales agreements overlap so you have extras time to make the move and that you have complete access to your new home before you have to vacate your old residence. But too much overlap can cost with paying double rents.
  5. 5. Moving is a great time to get rid of things you no longer want or need and selling surplus items can help with your moving costs. The cost of moving some stuff like old items may not be worthwhile, it can be better to sell them and buy new ones.
  6. 6. It is time to use up all the food in your pantry fridge and freezer before the move as you do not want to take too many perishables with you.
  7. 7. Plan if you will need help with the move and who you can rely on when moving day arrives and the days running up to your move. Think about babysitters and pet minders as well as how you will have meals if the kitchen stuff is already packed away.
  8. 8. Plan for the things you will need when you first arrive in your new home. Things like clean bedding and clothes. Children’s, pet’s needs and what you need for work if time will be short.
  9. 9. Consider the items you have that will be a challenge to move. Do you have antiques that require special handling, Paintings, fish aquariums of a grand piano? Are you able to move these yourself or is it better to have these done by a professional? Do you need insurance for the move?
  10. 10. Consider the people and organisations you will need to contact about your move such as those you do business with and have your mail redirected.
  11. 11. Do you need to have cleaners or repairmen to work on the new place or the place you are leaving? It is often most cost effective to have this done when the places are empty.
  12. 12. Contact your local van hire or truck rental company to reserve your vehicle as soon as possible as you do not want to have to wait until one becomes available.
  13. 13. Find out about where to get any supplies such as packing boxes, paper and bags as well as packaging tape and marking pens early.
  14. 14. Make a basic packing plan with items you use infrequently packed first and a floor plan of your new home so you can mark each box then place it in the right area.
  15. 15. Have a comfort pack with the most essential items in it like medications, glasses, ids batteries chargers and a set of spare clothes.
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