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Is it worth to do video games drop shipping business?

Author: Gic Lulu
by Gic Lulu
Posted: Jul 18, 2018

??Video gaming is one of the main ways for people killing times in the daily life especially young people. As the rapid development of VR and AR in the recent years, it has accelerate the development of the gaming industry. PUBG as known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular video games in the world now, according to the research from Charlie Hall, it can easily find that PUBG was hit 30 million sales on PC. It is believe that the video gaming market should has potential future development, and it is worth to do video gaming drop shipping business by cooperate with a reliable drop shipping platform such as Chinabrands.

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Pros of doing video games drop shipping business with a global drop shipping platform

??First of all, I’m gonna show you some pros and reasons of doing video games drop shipping business.

??a. The huge market in the world. As I illustrated in the begin of this post, it is believe that there is a huge market of video games in the world now. The values of the global video games market was increasing from 2011 to 2017. Moreover, as Statista predict that the total value of the global video games market should reaching 90 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Therefore, it is worth to do video games drop shipping business in the future because of the huge market and demand.

??b. Repeat purchase. It is believe that video games drop shipping business is not only selling gaming consoles or controllers, but also selling video games whatever digital copy or physical disc games. Moreover, video games are repeat purchased products because most of people are not only purchase one game on PC or consoles. For example, according to the announcement from Microsoft, it said there are at least 50 new games will release on x B ox in 2018, which means video games have its potential development in the drop shipping business and it should be the part that people do not want to miss when they are doing video gaming drop shipping business.

??c. Lower cost. It is believe that the video gaming industry is developed well, and there are only few of counterfeits in the global video gaming market now. Therefore, most of video gamers prefer purchasing physical disc games online from the world. The drop shipping model allows people to not keep any products in the stock because retailers or suppliers will deliver merchandises directly to end-customers, which means people can save more money on inventory management and delivery services during the process of doing video games drop shipping business.

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??Video gaming V.S. Mobile gaming

??As the market analysis of global games market shows that the global games market has vast potential future development, and the value of it will reach 108 billion U.S. dollars with mobile taking 42%. As the rapid development of VR and AR technologies, it can find that mobile gaming is developing so quick in the recent years. For example, Arena of Valor is one of the most popular mobile games in China now, and it created by Tencent. Arena of Valor has gained 3 billion RMB which is about 48 million U.S. dollars fund flow in one month to Tencent. Moreover, mobile games has reached 35 billion U.S. dollars sales in the world now. It can be clearly understand that video games is not the only ways to be profitable, but also mobile gaming drop shipping business.

??Now I’m gonna make a brief comparison between video gaming and mobile gaming in the drop shipping business.

??As the table shows above, it is believe that mobile gaming is quite similar with video gaming drop shipping business because of its huge market and amount of accessories for selling.

??However, it is quite differ from video gaming, mobile gaming does not release physical disc games, but only selling digital copies. Therefore, it is hard to selling mobile games in the drop shipping business, but you can still selling mobile gaming accessories to make profits in the drop shipping business. There are so many mobile gaming accessories in the market such as controllers, cables, screen protectors and so on. For example, controller is one of the most popular mobile gaming accessories in the market now. Customers can connect their smart phone and controllers with USB wires or Bluetooth, and they play most of mobile games with the controllers without touching the screen. Gamers prefer using controllers to play mobile games because they don’t want to touch the screen too much and it is more easier to win the games by using a controllers.

??Gaming accessories on drop shipping website

??In this part, I’m gonna list some hot selling video gaming products and gaming accessories on Chinabrands as examples for the introduction of gaming accessories.

??A. Video gaming products.

??a. JXD S192K is one of the hot selling game consoles on Android systems from Chinabrands. It has quad-core and 64GB high speed for EMMC for Android 5.1. It is extremely good for people carry outdoors for killing times when they are taking times on the way working or studying. Moreover, it has supporting more than 10 languages within the systems include English, Chinese, French, Deutsch, Spanish and so on.

??b. Mini portable arcade. The mini portable arcade can bring you back to 1990s to playing 300 built-in games for fun. It only has 4.33 inches high and 2.36 inches wide for carrying outdoors easily. You can enjoy hours of gaming fun anywhere by playing the mini portable arcade.

??B. Mobile gaming accessories.

??a. Mobile phone cables and holders

??There are so many holders and cables are selling on Chinabrands now, and there is a adjustable phone holder has high sales on Chinabrands now. It is believe that many people may feel so tired by holding a phone for a long time, and the phone holders allow customers to let their hands free by putting their phones on the tables. The holders are extremely cheap on Chinabrands, so it is worth to do the mobile phone gaming accessories in the drop shipping business.

??b. Mobile gaming consoles

??As the description in the previous part, it can clearly understand that gaming controller is one of the most popular products for customers when they are playing mobile games. IPEGA Dark Fighter is a wireless gaming controllers for mobile phones on both Android and IOS. It can be connected with Bluetooth and customers can use it to playing most of mobile games by using this gaming controllers.

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??It is believe that video games drop shipping business is worth to do because it has vast potential future development in the world. There are amount of video gaming products for selling, and it should be profitable in the market. Moreover, mobile gaming is also developing rapidly in the recent years, and it is expecting to has a better potential development than video games drop shipping business.

??In summary, it is worth to do both video games and mobile games drop shipping business because of its potential future development. Furthermore, it also important to cooperating with a reliable drop shipping platform, and the drop shipping platform can help you to make profits from your drop shipping business.

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