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Options to repair missing teeth

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Apr 21, 2014
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Dentists and dental surgeons have many different options available to help their patients when a tooth goes bad. In many cases, the tooth can be saved, but in others it can’t be. Just because a tooth can’t be saved, however, doesn’t mean you’re doomed to having a mouth full of holes. Technology has led to many advances in oral health care and there are a plethora of different repair and replacement options available.

Caps and Crowns

Sometimes, the tooth itself can’t be saved, but a portion of the root or part of the tooth can be. In these circumstances, your best bet might be a cap or a crown. Both of these options use the remaining portion of your tooth as a foundation to build a new prosthetic tooth. Your dentist will clean and file the remains of the old tooth to make it suitable for attaching the new tooth that forms the replacement.


Dentures are an old fashioned method in many people’s eyes, but today’s dentures are a far cry from ill-fitting, painful dentures of the past. You also may have the impression that dentures are usually to replace a full set of teeth. That’s not always the case. If you have several missing teeth, you can have dentures made which replace just those that are missing. You’ll still only need one piece for the top and one for the bottom. Dentures are extremely realistic now, and they have devised new and better ways to make them fit snugly while maintaining comfort. You won’t even know you have them in, once you get used to them.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most advanced way of replacing missing teeth. While false individual teeth have been used in the past, they were prone to failure and didn’t last very long. Today’s dental implants are another story altogether. These implants can last for many years, and they are firmly rooted in your jaw just as a real tooth would be. In fact, there are some people that think they’re even superior to your natural teeth. Of course, the goal is to keep your natural teeth, but if for some reason you have no choice but to have a tooth removed, a dental implant could very well be your best option. They also look extremely realistic. No one need ever know you’ve had dental implants inserted, because they’re indistinguishable from your natural teeth to the naked eye.

Whether you opt to have a missing tooth replaced via a cap, a crown, dentures, or dental implants, you don’t have to put up with the stigma or discomfort of a missing tooth. It’s also a good idea to have missing teeth replaced because failing to do so can lead to other teeth in your jaw shifting around over time. So, if you do have a tooth removed, talk to your dentist about which tooth replacement options they think are most suitable to your specific circumstances. The sooner you discuss with them, the sooner you can choose!

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