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Tips For Minimising the Effects of Blue Light

Author: Blutech Lenses
by Blutech Lenses
Posted: Jul 24, 2018
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Many people are still unaware of how blue light can be harmful to our eyes. Blue light is the light that has higher frequency and is not filtered properly by the retinal issues that are weakened by genetic issues, polluted environments, poor nourishment and aging. So, it is important to protect our eyes from both ultraviolet and near ultraviolet. You can protect your eyes from the effects of blue light by wearing blue blockers. There are many advantages of using blue light blocking glasses. They offer increased visibility. They do not make things look darker like most of the sunglasses. They offer more light which helps with visibility when you are out. Not only are they good at blocking blue light, they are also good at blocking glare. They also support healthy sleep. They will let you fall asleep and get a good sleep.

There are more things you can do to minimise the effects of blue light apart from wearing blue blockers. You can install screen filters on your devices. Just a couple of minutes of light exposure from your screen can disrupt melatonin production for hours. This can have a huge impact on your sleep quality and health. These days, devices use screens that emit a large amount of blue light. So, you should install screens reduce blue light and also ultraviolet light.

You can avoid excess exposure to blue light even by using low blue light bulbs. The energy-efficient bulbs like the halogen, fluorescent and few LED lights do not source out a lot of blue light. The customary light sources like the luminous light bulbs and candles put out a lot less blue light. It is also advised to sleep with an eye mask. Our eyes are the main antennas of light. Our eyelids are translucent and studies have shown that even a little amount of light through closed eyelids can disturb your circadian rhythm and your sleep. So, you should sleep with a good eye mask. At night, use low wattage red night lights. If you have the habit of getting up at night, don’t turn the main lights. If you require light to go to the loo, use a low wattage red night light. Turn off or hide up all the devices that shine or give out the light. Make sure your room is pitch dark when you are sleeping at night.

If you take a lit bit of precautions, you will end up having less exposure of blue light. But don’t forget to wear blue blockers regularly.

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Blue light blocking glasses block ALL blue light — including healthy amounts, and distort your color perception.

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