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How network convergence affects data center.

Author: Sandeep Donde
by Sandeep Donde
Posted: Jul 25, 2018
network convergence

Network convergence is the combination of different communication modes in a network. These integrated communication services are delivered through a single cable. Converged networks are cost-effective and reliable and known for its flexibility. While the number of devices under use are increasing, network convergence is becoming significant. It is an economic and a technical evolution.

Network convergence offers a host of innovative possibilities. With the increasing demands for better networks, network convergence is evolving as a new, flexible option. Network users do not want to restrain their access and deploy slow networks. Instead, they want an efficient and advanced high speed networks. Converged networks are their new preferred option!

Converged networks require less power and reduce power consumption. It is easily possible to improve your systems with network convergence. It requires more bandwidth and less latency.

How network convergence benefits the data centers

Network convergence can cause changes in the data center. Here are few of these changes:

  • Network convergence can improve the technical efficiency of the
  • system. So, it is possible to derive maximum benefits from this process.
  • Reduce power consumption with network convergence. Data centers
  • can also save energy with this process. With planned cabling, space requirement in the data centers can be also reduced.
  • Network Convergence facilitates energy efficiency in data
  • centers using advanced Ethernet.
  • Network Convergence enables transmitting power and data
  • together using a single cable. This allows transmitting power to many devices.
  • While deploying Network Convergence, it is possible to opt for
  • thinner cabling. Using thinner cables saves space in the racks of servers and also the material used to creating large cables. Save the energy used to cool large cables while substituting them with thinner cables. Servers can function with lesser transmission power. Moreover, with Network Convergence signal transmission can also be improved.

    The noise level in the data centers can also be reduced with better cabling.

  • Improve the efficiency of the data centers with the network
  • convergence option.

    Now network convergence is not a new-fangled concept in India. It is used in data centers in Mumbai for improving their efficiency. There are a host of advantages for deploying network convergence in data centers.

    Now it is possible for organizations in India to adapt network convergence and Data Center Interconnect solutions and boost their functioning.

    Data Center Interconnect solutions can connect different data centers to share workloads and data easily. There are plenty of advantages for deploying data center interconnect solutions. It is possible to share data between the different data centers of any organization based on the requirements. It is an effective and secure option to share workloads and resources. Data center interconnectivity is also useful to recover information during disasters. This helps to save important business information of organizations. While organizations are planning to boost their efficiency latest solutions such as network convergenceand Data Center Interconnect Solutions are both economical and boosts the efficiency deftly. It is time to switch over to these solutions to manage inter-operability, slash down costs of functioning and scale performance.

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