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The best 7 qualities of successful event organizers

Author: Shashank Sharma
by Shashank Sharma
Posted: Jul 26, 2018
event planner There is no secret to having a perfect event. The skills that are required in an event planner will all come together and make an event a great one. Some of these skills can be picked up easily but the others will need a lot of practice from the event manager. Experience can be a great teacher to get the event organizer to acquire all these different skills.

Knack for planning

This quality would seem quite obvious but is also just as important. Planning skills can be developed to take them to the next level with some efforts. But at the same time, it is also important to have the knack to plan inherently. It will be a great quality if you enjoy planning and are enthusiastic. The process of planning shouldn’t feel mundane and boring. A successful event planner should feel satisfied with all the planning process that she goes through. The planning shouldn’t feel exhausting and tiresome.


In order to have a smoothly running event, you will need to have all the things in place and well managed. This includes all the small things too. Giving enough attention to detail is very crucial. Imagine you organize an event and you do not have enough air fresheners, that wouldn’t leave a great impression. Taking care of small things will help take an event to greater heights.

Communication skills and networking

You will need to constantly be in touch will all the vendors, dealers and service providers. Apart from that, you will need these skills to also get the work done by your team members.

Each client goes to the event planner with a different set of expectations and also a different budget. Having the right taste and the right contacts becomes very crucial in such a scenario where you don’t know which kind of an event you will be planning next.

Keeping up with the trends

Weddings have been evolving over time, we are all embracing new ways to celebrate. Our cultures have started to become more open. Marathi weddings now have sangeets and also serve Punjabi food. Keeping up with all these trends is also quite a task.


Imagine you are a wedding planner and the couple wants an aerial photography. You simply cannot tell them that drones never particularly interested you. You will have to understand what needs to be done and coordinate with the photographer. Keeping updated about the latest technology that can help your work faster and simpler is always helpful.


Having done a few events before of the same kind will give you an edge while the event because you will know what all needs to be done and avoided. This will also give you an idea of what all can go wrong. You can make alterations in your plan accordingly.


Being a part of a team and doing what is told to you perfectly is one thing and getting work done by people is another. Being an event manager means that you will either have your team or will hire people to work for you as a team. Either way, having the necessary skills to lead the team will always be important to acquire. It becomes easier for extroverted people to do this job well because it becomes easy for them to gel in better with their teams. But that is not the only criterion, on can work hard towards becoming a good team leader by learning from experience.

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Author: Shashank Sharma

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