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Find one of the Best Cream Charger Suppliers in UK

Author: Totally Charged
by Totally Charged
Posted: Jul 28, 2018

The tradition of using whipped cream in various dishes is an age old tradition in UK. With the advancements in the field of technology various devices have come up providing whipped cream. One of the devices frequently used for running the process is the whipped cream charger. However the user needs to find out one of the best cream charger suppliers in UK for the purpose.

What is a Whipped Cream Charger

Basically a whipped cream charger is a cylinder made of steel filled with nitrous oxide. The nitrous oxide is used as the whipping agent in one of the whipped cream dispensers. Narrow end of the bridge has a foil covering that is broken and the gas is released. To ensure this a sharp pin is fitted in the dispenser. Kitchen appliance associated with the charger is known as whipping siphon. Cylinder of the charger has dimensions of 6.3 cm x 1.8 cm in terms of length and width and its walls are 2mm thick. The thickness is necessary to withstand great pressure inside.

Necessity of finding Reliable Supplier

Use of any kitchen appliance and especially those used for food preparation must be qualitative and durable. Moreover use of nitrous oxide makes necessary that the safety of the user is taken care of. There is therefore necessity of finding one of the reliable and qualitative cream charger suppliers that can take care of all the issues involved including the quality and speed of performance, durability of the appliance and efficient after sales services so that the buyer is not stranded at real times for want of support and assistance.

Difference in Domestic and Commercial Use

There is a big difference between domestic use for getting whipped cream supplies UK and commercial supplies. Standard size of the chargers is for containing 8 gm of nitrous oxide per cartridge. These chargers are intended for domestic and low-volume uses. They can also be used in coffee shops, restaurants, and home kitchens. Things stand differently when it comes to high volume commercial uses where regulated tank systems are often provided by the suppliers. Regulated cylinders must be used when the volume of whipped cream is in excess of 10 liters per hour. Also the puncturing pin is usually integrated in the cap of the appliance in low volume uses but require separate opener for high volume uses.

Why Use Nitrous Oxide

Usually the whipped cream suppliers UK use nitrous oxide for their devices because it migrates easily into the cream and at the same time prevents oxidation of the cream while it is in the can. One of the requirements of whipped cream is that it must have 28% fat contents and also a particular recipe is followed for using the whipped cream.

Whipped Cream Component and Charger

Components used for preparation of whipped cream are around one cup of heavy cream, two to three tablespoons of sugar as well as flavorings and colors as preferred. The cylinder filled with these components is capped and chargers are discharged into the unit pressurizing it with nitrous oxide and causing the fat soluble gas to dissolve in the cream. The process is similar to dissolving carbon die oxide in water to create soda water.

All these processes need an efficient device and that can only be provided by a reliable cream charger supplier in UK.

About the Author

Kathy Richy is an expert in the hospitality industry and has written several articles and blogs for readers on technical issues relating to use of appliances like cream chargers UK and how to choose best whipped cream chargers.

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