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Some Common Issues Relating to Cream Charger Dispensers

Author: Totally Charged
by Totally Charged
Posted: Jul 29, 2018

Cream chargers are used to create whipped cream and are basically cylinders filled with cream and nitrous oxide. It is the interaction between these two components that creates whipped cream. Usually the charger is also connected to some kitchen appliances called dispensers. There is however some common issues associated with cream charger dispensers UK and it is necessary for the end user to know how to handle these issues. Also like most appliances the dispensers tend to develop issues with the passage of time.

Gas Related Issues in Use of Cream Charger Dispensers UK

One of the common issues involved in the use of gas in the cream chargers. Normally it is N20 or nitrous oxide that is used for whipping creams in chargers. CO2 or carbon die oxide used to create soda water from normal water does not work in case of whipped cream chargers and dispensers. Most of the times users of cream charger dispensers UK do not understand this and end up with bad taste or metallic and bubbly creams instead of whipped cream only because the end user has used Co2 instead of N20 in creating whipped cream in their dispenser.

Issues of Running and Watery Whipped Cream

Many a times the users of whipped cream dispensers end up with watery and runny cream which is not thick enough. This usually happens due to non-shaking or inadequate shaking of the dispenser. More the shaking the thicker would be the whipped cream. However there is also a limit to shaking as too much or over shaking can result in the whipped cream becoming solid instead of remaining in semi-solid state that is the desired form of the whipped cream. There could also be leakages in the dispenser that often happens with low quality chargers and dispensers. It would be good settling for some quality products like Mosa cream chargers. Other factors that can create such problems are inadequate charging, using cream without adequate fat contents, using old nitrous oxide, and using Co2 instead of N20.

Getting Cream with Appropriate Fat Contents

It is necessary that the cream used inside the cream charger dispensers UK contains high fat contents. Ideal fat contents should be in the range of 28% to 35% which helps the nitrous oxide administered on it to create the best quality whipped cream. Use of heavy whipping cream can easily change he results.

Use of Quality Products like Mosa Cream Chargers

When the user depends on old or low quality cream charger dispenser the quality of the whipped cream produced would be lower as well. The reason is that old and substandard dispensers tend to develop holes causing leakages. This happens because the charger cannot withstand the pressure generated by interaction of nitrous oxide with cream. Using quality products like the Mosa cream chargers can be one point solution to the problem.

Problem of Cream inside Dispenser not Releasing

One of the major problems for the users of cream chargers is that many a times there is cream inside the dispenser but it does not come out. There could be two reasons for this. First; there may be very little cream left inside the dispenser and is not coming out; and second; the cream inside the dispenser has become hard due to over shaking.

A quality cream charger can help the user know the status of the remnant cream inside the dispenser and helps select the right device for his or her purpose of getting whipped cream.

About the Author

Kathy Richy is an expert in the hospitality industry and has written several articles and blogs for readers on technical issues relating to use of appliances like cream chargers UK and how to choose best whipped cream chargers.

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