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Ways You May Never Have Thought of To Save Lots of Money

Author: Damien Justus
by Damien Justus
Posted: Aug 03, 2018
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Saving money is a tricky process for some, especially if you do not have experience with budgeting and managing your finances in-depth. While it is possible to save money by opening a savings account or taking advantage of a 401k, it is important to know unique methods of putting extra cash in your pockets each day.

Apps and Online Tools

With the advent of the internet and smartphones, thousands of financial apps have been released. When you want to learn to save money or track your finances, consider money making apps. While Mint provides an overview of your average spending and how to go about cutting back on expenses, Acorns provides users with a free investment account while rounding up spending in order to put change away in savings. Automated and digital apps help to ease the process of managing finances without requiring individuals to do so manually.

Home Warranties

Broken appliances and plumbing repairs can quickly add up in costs. With comprehensive home warranty plans, ensure you are not at risk of a steep financial loss if your water heater, sink, or other appliances in your home break down or require costly repairs. Home warranties are not the same as homeowners insurance but provide protection and in some cases, full-coverage for those who require appliance or plumbing replacements.

Cancel Your Cable Television Service

It is no secret that cable television packaging prices continue to rise while providing less content and injecting more advertisements. "Cutting the cord" is one of the most common practices of those looking to save money on monthly bills. Rather than opting for a traditional cable television service package, consider Netflix, Hulu, or even Amazon Prime for instant streaming and thousands of shows and movies to watch. For those who prefer premium television, purchase a premium subscription from Showtime or HBO while cutting out traditional cable to save big.

Sign Up for Rewards Programs

Companies that offer loyalty and rewards programs provide subscribers with steep discounts, gifts, and even free products or services at times. Signing up for a customer loyalty card helps to build points or receive cash back along with other perks at merchandisers you frequent. Take advantage of the opportunity to save money while earning free goods by signing up for rewards programs with your favorite brands and companies.

Write Lists Before Shopping

When shopping without a list, you run the risk of spending too much or purchasing groceries and other items you simply do not need. Write a list each time you plan to visit the grocery store or need to pick up new household items. Stick to your list at all times and actively seek out discounted products to maximize your savings.

Download a smartphone application that provides you with the ability to quickly create and save customized lists for maximum efficiency.

Increase Your Water Intake

Do you purchase a coffee each day at a local shop or buy cans of soda from your workplace's vending machine regularly? Consider brewing your coffee at home while investing in a reusable water bottle to replace other beverages. By drinking more water, drastically cut down on excessive spending when it comes to soda and other unnecessary purchases.

Grocery Shop Regularly

Local fast food joints with quick and convenient meals are tempting, but also overpriced compared to home cooked meals. Plan your household's meals ahead of time and grocery shop regularly to get more bang for your buck while providing your family with healthier meals altogether. While it is tempting to quickly stop at a local fast food restaurant, pricing quickly adds up while providing your family with less food than if you shopped for traditional meals.

With thousands of creative options available to help save money today, it is possible for anyone to begin adding to their bank accounts. Understanding unique ways to save a lot of money is a way to maintain a sense of security along with peace of mind.

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Damien Justus writes in the business, home improvement and real estate spaces, and is very passionate about health, cooking, diet plans and anything that has to do with staying fit.

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