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Network Redundancy and Its Importance

Author: Sandeep Donde
by Sandeep Donde
Posted: Aug 14, 2018

Network redundancy refers to duplication of a component. It ensures that during the event of failure, the system has sufficient data backup and there is no loss of information. Data is held in two different places. This can either be at two different spots within multiple software platforms or in two separate fields in a single database. It is mainly carried out in a network of an enterprise to provide backup, especially during unplanned network malfunctions.

Any compromise made on the safety and security of data can be crucial to a business. Network redundancy adds a layer of protection that can help avoid IT systems from losing critical data. All businesses rely on the network. Be it customer's data, company portfolio, client data and other confidential information are all stored on the network. Losing all of those could end up having a huge loss on the business as a whole. It can also create legal trouble.

Network redundancy is done using four means namely data redundancy, pathway redundancy, hardware redundancy and geographic redundancy. Data redundancy is when the company uploads all data on the cloud server. This assists in keeping data safe. Pathway redundancy is having wired as well as wireless connections so that if one fails, the other would support the system. Hardware redundancy is making use of external hard drives and storing information at separate servers. Lastly, Geographic redundancy is to keep a backup of important data at a different geographical location. In case of natural calamities, the company can be sure that the data is safe as it is present at a different location.

In order to ensure complete network redundancy, it is important to have the best fiber network solution implemented in all businesses. This includes fiber optic solutions and communication devices such as modems, IP transport network, cabling, modems, cable assemblies, multiplexers and so on. Organizations should ensure that each and every wire that goes in and out a company should be secure. Network redundancy methodologies are now being implemented by small and medium businesses apart from corporates.

Dark fiber has also gained a lot of importance because of its usability and credibility. Dark fiber providers allow businesses to have an individual optical fiber network. It is an amalgamation of switches, cables, repeaters and helps to lay more lines within a network. Using dark fiber ensures better data connectivity and speed. There are minimal downtime and efficiency of services. Internet connections experience better momentum while streaming of online videos and other such heavy files.

There are several IT firms that provide good-quality network managed solutions to all businesses. It is up to the receiver to ensure that the quality of service is up-to-mark and there is no bargain on the same. Even some residential complexes have started to use network redundancy. This is because, any loss, big or small, is going to cost the user very dearly. There is no substitute for the loss of information and therefore, one should ensure that data security is given utmost importance.

Fiber network solution companies along with dark fiber providers need to ensure that the data transmitted remains secure. Breach of data, theft of data or loss of data should not be accepted at any cost. A proper network managed service addresses the complexities faced by any network. Usually, when networking is outsourced, small and medium businesses should ensure that the outsourcing is properly done. Accurate planning is essential while trusting a third party.

Sandeep Donde, Founder & Managing Director, Microscan, a High-Speed Internet Provider Company offering IT Service Management Providers, Fiber Network Solutions, MPLS VPN Service, Managed Network Services, Network Infrastructure Solutions and Turnkey Network Solutions. With a degree in Electronic Engineering, he started Microscan in 1996 to lease premium dark fiber optic services.

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Sandeep Donde, Founder & Managing Director, Microscan, a High Speed Internet Provider Company offering Broadband Services, Internet Leased Line Services, IT Service Management, Dark Fiber, Fiber Network Solutions, Data Center Interconnect Solutions.

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