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Facet syndrome of the lumbar spine and spinal decompression south surrey chiropractic

Author: Kam Mann
by Kam Mann
Posted: Aug 15, 2018

Facet syndrome is a condition that more commonly affects the lower back region. It can also involve the neck or cervical spine but rarely in the dorsal or thoracic spine. The facet joints are the posterior joints of the vertebra. There are two, one on each side. They help provide rotation or the vertebra in conjunction with the spinal disc. They also aid in flexion and extension of the vertebral unit. As such they are vulnerable to strains and sprain type injury.

The" syndrome" is a collection of injury and signs and symptoms limited to the facet joint. The lower back is the most common site for facet joint injuries due to the mechanical function of the lower back in lifting and twisting. Disc injuries in the lower back are also very common and can produce symptoms that are similar to facet joint injuries. The nerve root that exits from the spinal cord is very close to the facet joint. The disc is also close to the nerve root.

The most common cause of facet joint damage for patients at South Surrey chiropractic is bending with rotation with a lifting of a load. This is also a common injury to the vertebral disc and often there is injury to both areas within the same movement.

As a South Surrey chiropractic, I see South Surrey chiropractic as a valuable tool in the maintenance of spinal health. In South Surrey chiropractic, we have utilized South Surrey chiropractic or spinal decompression for a number of years in treating acute spinal disorders in ages from young adults to seniors. We have had great results with South Surrey chiropractic. However, a thorough history and exam should be taken to understand the patient’s spinal complaint and to see if they are a good candidate for South Surrey chiropractic.

South Surrey chiropractic is a form of advanced traction. South Surrey chiropractic in itself is not new and has been around in some form for centuries. Recently, with the advent of new technologies, a more specific, precise treatment can be given. In our office, we use the Triton DTS table. When South Surrey chiropractic is applied to the body the reaction is to pull in the opposite direction and resist the forces. New technology uses a strain gauge built into the computer. This contains a computer feedback mechanism to overcome this inherent resistance to the South Surrey chiropractic. This mechanism allows the computer to continuously monitor the muscular reaction to the pull and automatically adjust the distraction parameters. This allows for the maximum therapeutic results. One of the biggest benefits of the technique is its creation of a negative intradiscal pressure for extended periods. It is this negative pressure that pulls the protruding disc back into the disc proper, reducing pressure on the nerve.

The symptoms of facet joint injury can be wide and varied. Typically, pain is in the lower back region and can be quite severe. Muscle spasm in the lower back is common. If the problem is on one side the person is often bent over to the opposite side. If there is swelling in the joint or degenerative change in the joint the nerve may get entrapped or pinched and cause pain, numbness or tingling down the leg. These signs and symptoms can be very similar to a bulging or herniated disc.

The chronic wear and tear on these facet joints over a number of years can cause hypertrophic-degenerative changes that can push into the lateral recess canal which houses the nerve root. The nerve root is very sensitive to pressure in the canal and the chronic pressure of these changes can cause damage to the nerve root. Over time, South Surrey chiropractic patients will have difficulty walking due to the decrease in function of the nerve that supplies the leg with electrical energy. This is a form of spinal stenosis. The South Surrey chiropractic patient can only walk a short distance before the pain in the leg gets extreme and it weakens. The South Surrey chiropractic patient will have to sit and rest for awhile before he/she resumes walking.

With this concept of axial stretching, that is done more effectively than side posture, South Surrey chiropractic brings a whole new paradigm of thinking into treating the Chiropractic model of health. Taking the pressure off of the nerve often is a combination of South Surrey chiropractic -stretching and removing rotation or lateral bending of the vertebrae. Chiropractic South Surrey chiropractic is usually a combination of alignment procedures, spinal adjusting, South Surrey chiropractic, cold laser therapy, soft tissue manipulation, exercise and rehabilitative procedures. Spinal South Surrey chiropractic is a very successful technique alleviating pain in approximately 84% of patients. Spinal South Surrey chiropractic, although intended for the treatment of disc herniations and spinal stenosis, should be given consideration for other mechanical problems of the spine.

In South Surrey chiropractic, South Surrey chiropractic therapy is very helpful for the treatment of spinal stenosis and facet joint strains and sprains. In our South Surrey chiropractic office we offer spinal decompression to help with these conditions. South Surrey chiropractic therapy in South Surrey chiropractic also offers cold laser, soft tissue procedures and spinal manipulation for the treatment and rehabilitation of facet joint disorders and spinal stenosis

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