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Top 5 Benefits of Automation Testing

Author: Anik Smith
by Anik Smith
Posted: Aug 27, 2018

Each company has made it mandatory to perform best quality checks on the software and that’s the reason small businesses to MNCs are using the best software testing services offered by the top QA company. There are various types of software testing and one of the most popular is ‘Automation Testing’. It has immense power, but still there are some companies that useonly manual testing for various reasons. This article shares the top 5 benefits that will prove that you must invest in professional automation testing services.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing is a process of executing various test cases on a software without or minimal involvement of human resources. The machine runs the test cases; log defects and create reports.

5 Major Benefits of Automation Testing

1. Save Money and Resources

Automation testing makes human involvement minimal. The software testing experts are only involved to create the script and code to run automated testing. Once the script is developed and automation tools are in-charge, the QA experts can put their time in other projects or tasks. The automation testing also runs the test cases faster than human resources. In a nutshell, it will save time, money and resources significantly.

2. Perform tests that are near to impossible with manual resources

The experienced software testing experts can perform all different types of tests still there are some limitations and restrictions. For example, to perform load testing, it would be difficult or expensive to put 100 to 10000 testing experts testing the same module at the same time. This is easy, fast and cost effective with automation testing.

3. Improve accuracy remarkably

QA experts always provide most accurate test results still there are cases of typos and some mistakes while the software testing expert needs to perform monotonous tests. We can’t ignore the fact that software testers are humans after alland they can forget to log a test record or make minor mistakes sometimes. The automation testing will ensure that all test results are recorded and each of them is highly accurate. The machines never get tired and that’s the reason when it is about monotonous or repetitive testing the automated testing works best.

4. Reduce the testing cycle

Automation testing can run thousands of test cases in parallel and it can perform these voluminous testing tasks way faster than manual testing. This will save a lot of time and help in reducing the testing cycle so the development and quality assurance processes can be faster.

5. Increase ROI

Automation testing involves expertise in developing the testing scripts. Furthermore, to perform effective automation testing, you may need to use expensive testing tools. However, once the test cases and scripts are developed then it will work faster as well as it will provide many benefits such as, reusability, better resource utilization, faster process, more accuracy and many more. In summation, it will increase your returns over investment.

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