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Three Questions To Ask Before You Sign Up For A Pilates Instructor Course

Author: Nathan Aron
by Nathan Aron
Posted: Sep 04, 2018

After several months or a couple of years of dedicated hard work on the mat or reformer, and with the body to show for it, a lot of Pilates aficionados eventually ask themselves if the next logical step to take would be to sign up for a Pilates instructor course. Before you commence researching on which of the Pilates studios in your area offers the best instructor training course for you, there are a few more questions that you need to ask yourself first.

1. How is my own Pilates exercise going?

Take an objective look at your Pilates workouts: How often do you go to class? How are you as a student? How well do you understand the way Pilates exercises affect and change the body? Being dedicated and mindful in how you do Pilates, as well as in how you take instructions from your teacher will help you greatly when the roles are changed. A lot of teachers often think that the piece of paper certifying them to teach would be enough to attract students and make them flock to their class. Authenticity and sincerity is key you need to show that Pilates is an important part of your life and not just something you do to earn some cash. This sense of authenticity will naturally be apparent in you if you remain dedicated as a student.

2. Do I have the thirst to learn more?

The desire to learn should be present right from the start. You might not be able to do all the advanced Pilates exercises or might need to spend more time to perfect your form. However, being able to do these is secondary to having the hunger to learn more, to push yourself, and dedicate your time and energy to this pursuit. If there's one thing that new teachers realise is that these qualities help them connect to their students more than showing off perfect form when teaching or demonstrating the exercises.

In addition, teachers also discover after completing their Pilates instructor course Melbourne students give them additional opportunities to learn after graduation. The process of teaching enhances what you learned in the course as you continue to learn from your students. One student is different from another, and this is where your technical skill and knowledge would need a boost from your creativity as a teacher in deciding if a student needs a modification or if they would benefit more from an advanced workout.

3. Is my life situation ready to accommodate training and, eventually, teaching?

This last question addresses the practical aspect that needs to be addressed in order for you to successfully complete your training as a Pilates instructor. Quality Pilates courses Melbourne students eventually find out, require significant investment in both money and time. Check your finances if you can afford the additional expense of tuition and other associated expenses. Your skill in time management will also be tested especially if you are balancing work and family responsibilities together with the training. More so if the training centre is located far from where you live.

If your desire to become a certified Pilates instructor NOW is strong, money and time constraints will cease to be obstacles as you find solutions to make space for the instructor training in your life. For example, some studios offer scholarships or work-study arrangements with qualified applicants. Also, most Pilates instructor trainings are structured to accommodate those holding full time jobs, allowing for some course requirements to be done remotely and having trainings during the weekends.

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Nathan Aron is a fitness trainer, who writes for many online journals and portals that are related to fitness classes.

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