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Paper Sculpture- An Amazing Craft

Author: Polly Playford Design
by Polly Playford Design
Posted: Sep 06, 2018
paper sculpture Paper is an inexpensive item and holds no beauty value. However, a paper sculpture designer is trained to make amazing paper sculptures that can be gorgeously fine to look at. Artists can use a single piece of work to create sculptures, jewellery, and even a working clock. There are several paper crafts which make it possible to transform the appearance or even function of a single piece of plain, non-functional paper. Quilling is one such form which centuries is old but lost its existence somehow. Now that the art of paper sculpture is fast becoming a popular trend, this lost paper art has started to breath into life once again.

The art of paper sculpture owes a lot to the creative thinking of paper sculptures who can make great things out of nothing. Quilling is the art of combining narrow strips of paper into incredible, eye-catching arrangements. Paper filigree or paper quilling are couple of other names this paper art is known as. One of the most amazing fact about Quelling is that it can be done with very simple tools.

Tools used for Quelling

Basic tools needed for Quelling are nothing more than a simple glue, paper, tweezers and scissors.

Stripes of paper- Quilling papers can be found at any stationery store or you can cut your own from scrap paper at home. You just need to look around for scrap paper in the form and you will find aplenty in the form of old newspapers, books, magazines etc. Starting with scrap papers is a good idea to make your hands habitual of Quilling. The readymade quilling paper comes in different sizes of 1/16 inch, 1/8 inch, 1/4 and 1/2 inch. The length of these strips varies from 17 to 25 inches. There is a wide range of color options available, including metallic, dual tone and graduated tones. Ideal Quilling paper is considered as one that rolls easily and smoothly. It also holds its shape well once released.

Glue: Ask any freelance paper sculpture designer the importance and utility of glue and he/she will not get tired talking about it. Glue is responsible for holding paper sculptures together. A good quality glue is a must-have for any paper sculpture designer. White graft glue that dries clear is the first choice of paper sculpture designers. A small glue bottle with a fine nozzle makes their job easier as it is easy to apply.

Tweezers: Eyebrow tweezers can be used to hold paper strips. You can also get tweezers with narrow, finer points as possible so that paper is not crumpled. They can be found at any good crafts store.

Sharp scissors: Scissors should be razor sharp for accurate, precise cutting and sharp edges. It is required for cutting, trimming, fringing flowers etc.

A flat surface: A flat surface is a must have to work on, preferably plastic or similar material that makes it easy to work on. Uneven or rough surface is not only difficult to work on, it can also spoil the look of paper sculpture.

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