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SEO vs PPC: Knowing Which Is Right For Your Website

Author: Johnathen Martin
by Johnathen Martin
Posted: Sep 18, 2018
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Website optimizers often rell under pressure to increase the ranking of websites and generate business opportunities. They use different techniques for this. SEO and PPC are two effective techniques for website optimization & lead generation. Most Search Engine Optimisation Professionals often remain in confusion whether they should use SEO or PPC to meet their business objectives. So, we will do a comparative analysis of these two and find out out a satisfactory conclusion. Let’s get started.

Introduction of SEO & PPC

Basically, both are desirable alternatives that you used in business strategy or search engine marketing. But, to define the right one, have a look at - what is SEO and PPC?

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It is all about getting high ranking for your website in natural/organic search results for target keywords on the most important search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

  • PPC (Pay Per Click): PPC is an advertising technique, where you spend money on every click to your website. You pay for the company showing your ad. For example - Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook’s advertising platform. Most individuals resort to Google AdWords Management because of its global outreach.



  • Evaluate & update website & getting free clicks with periodic monitoring.

  • Have to pay for each click, ads, and keywords.

    • Builds traffic over time.

  • An immediate traffic booster.

    • Have a long-lasting effect.

  • Effect last long as you continue to pay for keywords and ads.

    • Originate 80% traffic to the website.

  • 20% of traffic originates from PPC.

    • Grab the attention of the users on the SERP’s, top 3 spots which are seen by 100% of users, 4th spot by 85% and 5th spot by 60%.

  • Only top paid PPC ads to manage to grab the attention of people 50% of the time further goes down to 10% for the PPC ad placed 5th.

    • Long-term ROI.

  • Short term ROI.

  • Low time efficiency.

  • High time efficiency.

  • The ranking is subject to an algorithm change.

  • Raking remains unaffected even with algorithm changes.

  • High click-through rate 85%.

  • Low click-through rate 15%.

  • Traffic HIGH, conversion rate LOW.

  • Traffic LOW, conversion rate HIGH.

  • SEO vs PPC - Which Is Better?

    Giving answer to this question is a bit complicated, but it really depends. The number of factors helping to decide whether SEO or PPC is right for you. In both, the best scenario for long-term web strategy is SEO. In addition, SEO also helps to improve page speed and page content also give better user experience as compare to PPC. So, take a consideration to these things before getting started which one is right.

    • Traffic Generation:

    SEO is all about to get a relevant organic traffic for your website, which can take a long time to reach the high ranking. But, the best thing is - once you get to the higher ranks, you tend to stay there, which is relatively free. Whereas, PPC helps in to get instant traffic and visitors through PPC networks. It can easily reach hundreds. But, once you pushed down to page 2, you will lose the number of people that see your ads with lower click rate. So, using SEO for your main website and PPC for individual landing pages you can get the best of both worlds.

    • Lead Generation:

    SEO may be an ideal method for generating leads locally to get an easily rank on organic search in local business. Whereas, a business targeting e-commerce keywords will have more success with PPC ads. For immediate leads and results, PPC may be the best for generating traffic to your site. However, if you want to build high authority in your industry, then SEO is more effective and successful.

    • Finding New Clients & Customers

    SEO is more powerful technique to find new clients and customers for websites. Understanding the tools and demands of the customers allows you to build a long bridge towards the services people need. PPC is also helpful in this strategy, but only for short time. Partnering with other digital marketing companies and focusing on quality also measurable through SEO and become easier when you approach it with a deeper understanding of why, where, and how to connect with clients’ need.

    • Cost Factor

    SEO is usually less costly than PPC. In SEO, once changes are made, they remain effective for a long time and does not require per click charges. Unlimited clicks on a website can be possible through the proper optimization of keywords. On the other hand, PPC charges huge payments for clicks and ads. You have to continue to pay for your clicks every month, if your PPC budget drops, then your traffic and sales will drop. If you do SEO of your website with good and penalty-free backlinks, then you will get best results and accordingly good ranking.

    • Website Usability

    The meaning of website usability is when your users are able to easily use your website, follow its navigation, respond to CTA’s (call-to-action), and find the information they’re looking for. Instead of PPC, SEO makes it possible to reach your website and stay connected for a long time.

    • Website Ranking

    SEO provide benefit by increasing Website Rankings in every Search Engine Tool like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. and make it for long life. Adding keywords that you're targeting across the site will give you a good ranking. PPC is only able to target limited keywords, SEO targets as much as keywords you need to make your site more search-effective. SEO is a natural/organic way for the better results and in PPC results are in your hand, expensive. PPC targets on each keyword, but you have to pay for every keyword and click on the advertisement. In the end, SEO would be considered more economical as per longevity and monetary terms.

    Final Analysis

    As per above information, SEO's return on investment will continue to rise long after PPC has peaked. It will definitely take so much time to generate results and traffic, but it will bring you the best traffic and most important leads. Rather, it will also help you to increase PPC results with Google AdWords Management. A study also reveals that 85% of clicks resulting from a search are on the organic links rather than the paid ads.

    About the Author

    Robert Sumner works as a writer for Media Fortress, an IT Company offering cost effective Search Engine Optimisation and Web Design Services. He is a web addict and love to share the experience, knowledge, and thoughts with others on the web.

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