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Why letter of credit (LC) with a prime banker is safe?

Author: Alex Pardin
by Alex Pardin
Posted: Sep 19, 2018
prime banks What Is LC- Letter of Credit?

Let us start by knowing what letter of credit in business finance is? A LC is a guarantee from the bank that the payment of the buyer that has to be given to the seller will be paid on time. If the buyer is not able to pay the seller on time, the payment has to be made by the bank. In case the buyer is only able to make half the payment, the remaining will also be paid by the bank. The LC is especially important in the case of international dealings and is one of the major financial services that are required. This is because of the different governing laws and currencies in each country. The buyer usually has to give some cash as collateral for issuing LC.

What Is A Prime Bank?

A prime bank is a bank that has a good reputation and is well known in the financial community. Some banks such as the Axios Credit Bank can be considered as the prime banks. These banks can be easily trusted for all kinds of finds transfers. Since the prime banks are really big, they can be used in moving large amounts in no time and making sizable investments. The prime bankers list is issued by the banking authorities every year which includes the names of the banks. This list can be accessed through your bank or the official websites.

How Are LC With Prime Banks Safe?

The question arises is how can you consider your letter of credit with a prime bank safer than the other banks. The answer to this is pretty simple. Since the prime banks have a history of providing good services to the clients for years, there is very little chance of you getting cheated. Your money will be safe with the bank and the exporters can always be satisfied with their services. The prime banks are the guarantee that your money will be transferred to the seller and you will not have to face any kind of business difficulties. The prime bankers will work more professionally than any other banks and will always follow all the standard banking norms. Hence the transactions automatically become safer and much better.


In today’s times, there are a lot of banks that falsely pose as prime banks and scam the customers for their money. So, make sure you only believe the authentic lists of the prime banks that are released every year. Additionally, it is also important to identify real LC. Banking with a prime banker is always safer and should be preferred.

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I am an financial advisor at Axios Credit Bank and deal with all kind of banking and financial services. I love to write about banking and finance industry updates.

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