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The latest features of Grand Theft Auto Game

Author: Umer Adnan
by Umer Adnan
Posted: Nov 14, 2018
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GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is fulfilled with the number of features if it is considered.

The features according to the entertainment, design, it's presentation, functionalities, controls, setting, and each of the stunts, as well as according to the missions.

Some of the features are discussed below:

  • The cheats functionalities are also programmed in it, whenever and wherever the users have a need of a personal car, can call it through cheats, if the player wants an object to be destructed, so he/she is able through calling panzer, and neuter tools. The particular keys are given for the particular cheats, every cheat is consist of the particular key of a cheat. These actions can also be performed through given missions but there are some required missions to reach that stage. And with the help of cheats, the car can be driven in water and through that the player can reach the airplane and can fly or the boats can be driven too.
  • Secondly, the sound and music function was 1st introduced in this series. Geomantic the user wants to play its own music or song, the sound of a game can be managed easily, without facing any difficulty.
  • Thirdly, its feature is also that while driving the car, the camera can be set by pressing the key ‘V’ and the thruster will be allowed to see car from any side as front, back/ back zoom in/ zoom out, right and left as well internally part of car included dash, right mirror, left and back mirror.
  • "The energy process work" for our main object that is controlled and every task performer, "according to the situation". Whenever our main object will be damaged, power (lifetime) reduces and can die.
  • Dress of our main object (controlled man) can be changed also, spectacles, pant and T-shirt, shoes and can be applied but the coins or money is required for that, that will be earned through completing any task, mission and killing any person.
  • GTA online introduced a new feature call "Passive mode" In which the players can roam around on foot without being killed by another player means the other player cannot be targeted in passive mode. Through Passive, players aren’t allowed to use their own weapons, will be locked. If the player is killed in passive mode, another player will have to pay the bill of its hospitalization.
  • The "Heist update" introduced the daily objectives (Daily mission), a feature that is presented in the form of 3 different objectives that the player must have to complete it each day (in real life), they will be rewarded with cash and RK points. Completing these objectives periodically allows obtaining the bigger reward.
  • The text chat and the team chat are featured in GTA online, just available for PC version, those are able to be acceded by pressing key ‘T’ (for Global text chat) and ‘Y’ (for team chat) y by default, download GTA 5 APK for android
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