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How will AI Transform the App Development World?

Author: Ashish Goyal
by Ashish Goyal
Posted: Sep 25, 2018

Smartphones have paved their way into our lives so deep that we cannot stand to stay away from them. These devices became an integral part of our lives only because of the Mobile Apps. Augmenting our day to day activities a routine Apps like a calendar, Camera, pedometer and what not, humans are becoming more and more dependent on the Apps.

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, smart apps are being introduced that copy human behavior and performance in a customized fashion over time. The elements of personalization that the intelligent Apps are carrying will transform the relationship we share with our mobile phone. More intuitive, adaptive and precise AI-powered Apps are fuel by basics like Machine learning, Natural Language processing, image processing, facial recognition and more.

The developers have started feeling the heat from the App development market as every new app that is making way to the Play store and App store has some or the other element of AI.

AI is about to create a wave of change in the mobile app development let us witness how this transformation will impact our life:

How is AI changing the relationship between Mobile and Application Developers?

AI elements of Apps have played a pivotal role in bringing in user engagement. As the App is able to predict the user’s behavior precisely, a natural boost to engagement is the direct outcome.

    • App with AI learn from the user interaction and serve the user just appropriately making the App popular.
  • The user location, his buying pattern, most frequently used contacts and more are used to offer suggestions to the users so that have easy access to data and information.
  • AI and IoT

    IoT is the thing of the era now. With the advancement in technology smart home has become more accessible. The Apps powered by AI that work for IoT devices will bring in an intelligent interaction between the devices.

    The Application developers need to learn the way they can add AI to such IoT Apps. It is the need of the time that self-learning apps learn human behavior and act accordingly. Siri by Apple and Alexa by Amazon are some of the examples of AI apps that are bringing in phenomenal interactions. Capable of natural language processing, facial recognition and more, these Apps are adding a completely new dimension of artificial intelligence to the smartphones.

    As the development skills get better, the prediction level of Apps will increase and so will the user experience.

    Personalization of Smart Phones

    Impact of personalization is making an impact everywhere. The predictive capabilities of the AI algorithm are all set to change how the user experience. A simple experience, like an AI App making a prediction on the basis of a voice command and automatically dialing a contact number, can be delivered. Apart from these functions, the personalization of the exercise routine, menu choice and all is a new way Apps are shortening the usage of the smartphone. No longer does a user have to spend more time on the mobile phone for looking out a contact and then dialing it. All this is a part of the initiative called digital wellbeing.

    There are multiple factors that impact the level of personalization. Elements of AI that drive personalization are:

    Natural Language Processing

    Apps like Siri or Google Assistant have changed the way we command our mobile phones. Over the time the Apps get closer to predict the command you said. The way the App responds to the command is getting better and people are using these features for smartwatches too.

    Machine Learning

    Algorithms that learn the user behavior with usage work in a feedback loop so that the performance of such apps becomes better.

    Deep Learning

    Advanced algorithms are being developed by App developers that work perfectly to predict the shopping behavior or geographic positioning to engage the user.

    Businesses and AI Apps

    Business Apps driven by AI add a new dimension of growth for the business. The Apps that predict the users shopping behavior has worked in a huge advantage of the business. Shopping personalization is working immensely in favor of e-commerce Apps. There has been a significant increase in the demand of App that is driven by AI. The AI-powered Apps collect user data and learn the pattern of the user. All this data is analyzed and suggestions are offered to the business to alter their strategy.


    The businesses fraternity is moving toward AI very enthusiastically. These Apps are bringing in intuitiveness and innovation to the user engagement. AI mirrors the human intelligence and garners user data that is vital for the business movement. Not only does the AI add personalization, the speed of usages and better user experience, but it also makes Apps that are adaptable as per human behavior.

    The popularity of Artificial intelligence Apps is growing rapidly. There’s a good surge in AI-based apps and hire app developer, working in this area. In the business arena, AI offers a cut through advantage as compared to the competitors as the user experience of the App is phenomenal.

    AI is the technology way to engage more users and is going to help to bring in sync with the changes on the technology front of IoT, Blockchain and more to build a smarter ecosystem around the App users. While most of the developers are trying to catch up with this changing trend, we at Xtreem Solution are already adept with the skill set to build AI-powered Apps.

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    Ashish Goyal works as a digital marketing analyst with Xtreem Solution that offers hire Php developer and mobile application development services.

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