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Are anti-slip floors the standard flooring material?

Author: Ray Stobbart
by Ray Stobbart
Posted: Sep 25, 2018

Types of slip resistant flooring

  • Anti-slip mats and tiles
  • Anti-slip mats and tiles are made of rubber, polyurethane and a grit surface of a hard substance, such as silicon carbide. Traction may be increased by the use of knobbed, ribbed or corrugated top surfaces. They are useful in places such as food processing plants where there is a lot of grease to deal with. Anti-slip mats and tiles are designed to lift people up off the wet, slippery floor and at the same time, allow spilled fluids to drain down through holes or deep ridges while the grit surface stays dry.
  • Non-slip Surfaces
  • Non-slip Surfaces are constructed on flat walkway surfaces using coatings. They are customized to fit different area lengths and widths, and are attached to the substrate by mechanical fasteners or adhesives. Their gritted surfaces range from very coarse (for extreme environmental and traffic conditions, such as off-shore oil rigs) to fine (for commercial spaces) to very fine (for more protected indoor conditions, such as shower areas). These floor coverings are mostly used in areas, such as oil and gas, transportation and food processing industries, as well as in chemical and oil refining facilities.

Anti-slip coating

  • These are particularly suited to large areas and are applied to conventional flooring, such as concrete, wood and metal. They provide substantial traction and are often used in industrial, factory and warehouse environment, where work boots are worn and there is a forklift or pallet-truck traffic. The coatings can be used on exterior or interior surfaces, create a visible, textured surface.

Where can slip resistant flooring be used?

Any facility or business should be made safer for employees, clients, customers or visitors with slip resistant flooring. Some of the places these slip resistant flooring and coating can be used include:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Airports and other transport terminals
  • Schools and universities
  • Vehicle maintenance bays
  • Manufacturing, assembly and packaging operations
  • Laboratories and pharmaceutical biotech facilities
  • Food and beverage processing plants
  • Retail and grocery stores
  • Restaurants, hotels, casinos and other hospitality locations.
  • Veterinary and animal facilities
  • Electronics, semiconductor and avionics facilities
  • Bathrooms
  • Stairs
  • Kitchens

What are the benefits of slip resistance flooring?

  • A non-slip floor surface will ensure that all your staff, visitors and clients have a safe and happy environment, hence increasing productivity around your workplace.
  • Practical flooring is guaranteed to be effective for at least five years. It is not only guaranteed for five years but for a safe and durable floors which is able to withstand wear and tear that other flooring surfaces cannot survive without damages.
  • It will help you save money by reducing the likelihood of slip and fall accidents and litigation at your work place and public places.
  • Good quality anti-slip flooring for your place of business satisfies all OH&S safety requirements, assists managers, owners, and employers in compliance with relevant safety regulations, standards and act. While helping you to protect your staff members from injuries due to slips and falls on your company’s premises. If you have a slip-resistant flooring installed and one of your employees suffers from unintended injuries from a slip or fall, you will have a valuable protection legally because of taking the precaution to install this safety flooring.
  • Minimum or no disruption to business during application
  • Reduces administration costs and protects the reputation of the facility.
  • Anti-slip flooring systems alleviate bacteria build-up on floors. Slip-resistant flooring also helps inhibit the build –up of harmful, germ-bearing bacteria on your building’s floor surfaces.

There seems to be lack of consensus among scientific communities about what constitutes the best "slip- resistance" flooring.

Slipping on any surface is affected by many different factors such as the bumpiness of the floor, the composition of the flooring material or an individual’s weight, balance, level of concentration and speed. In all situations, non slip floor coating can help reduce the likeliness of slips and trips.

4Earth Solutions manufacture and distribute safe and clean surface solutions including non slip floor coating. They help companies improve safety, increase productivity and profits. Their headquarters is based in the UK and provide a safer environment for visitors and staff.

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With our range of environmental friendly products like sealers and anti-slip coating, slips and falls are no longer an issue.

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