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14-Year-Old Girl Finds Yellow Diamond!

Author: Lisa Jeeves
by Lisa Jeeves
Posted: May 05, 2014

It is sometimes said that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, but in this case, the opposite happened: a girl was a diamond’s best friend. Fourteen-year-old Tana Clymer recently made headlines in the American state she resides in after she found a valuable 3.85-carat yellow diamond, perfect for a yellow diamond engagement ring, while visiting Crater of Diamonds National Park, in Arkansas.

Clymer came across the stone, which she has dubbed ‘God’s Jewel’, while digging in the 37-acre ‘mining’ area, where visitors to the park can try their hand at looking for precious stones. Due to the small size of the rock in question, the teenager initially thought it might be a marble, until she actually held it in her hand. It turned out to be a canary-yellow diamond, estimated by specialists to be worth a few thousand dollars at the very least, and which many yellow diamond engagement ring fans would love to use for their own bands.

A spokeswoman for Arkansas State Parks has stated on record that Clymer’s jewel far surpasses the quality of other diamonds found at Crater of Diamonds this year. The last time a stone of this quality was dug up was in 2006, when fellow Oklahoma native and state trooper Marvin Culver unearthed the ‘Okie Dokie Diamond’ at this location. A park official has further stated that Clymer will want to keep the stone to turn into a yellow diamond engagement ring or – depending on value – want to use it towards her university fund. It is unlikely that the teen will be open to selling, although the family has already received their share of offers in that sense.

Part of this young girl’s stroke of good fortune can be attributed to her mother, Amanda Giordano. Giordano had wanted to visit Crater of Diamonds for years, and was the main catalyst behind the fourteen-year-old’s presence at the park that particular day. Proof positive that you should always listen to your mother!

Crater of Diamonds National Park is the only diamond-producing area in the United States that is open to the public. Every year, thousands of visitors visit the park to try their luck at finding a precious stone, but few if any of them are as fortunate as young Tana Clymer. The fact that the stone she unearthed was a yellow diamond can be considered particularly lucky, since coloured diamonds are rarer than clear diamonds and are therefore in higher demand, and often worth more if sold or traded.

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