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Will PlayStation fall back into the bad habits?

Author: Poppy Quan
by Poppy Quan
Posted: Oct 08, 2018

I have always firmly believed that I am a loyal PlayStation gamer. Although, during my many years of game life, I also bought some from Microsoft or Nintendo, but in the end, I will return to Sony's game console. When they did a good job, I was very happy. Similarly, when they did not do well, stumbled, I also insisted. At this point, I can say that I am a faithful Sony supporter.

At the same time, I am also a loyal user of the playstation network credit card. In order to protect my privacy, I like to use the psn keys to shop at the PlayStation store, for exemple playstation network 50 usd card. At the same time, this also avoids some unnecessary troubles when using a credit card.

Since the release of the PlayStation 4 in February 2013, Sony has been doing very well, and the PlayStation 4 has become the winner of this generation of game consoles, because it always puts gamers first. This is also one of the most important reasons why I am faithful to Sony.

Reviewing back, Sony's arrogance was the main reason why they had trouble in the PlayStation 3 era. So, I have to start worrying that until now, all the success they have achieved on the PS4 will make Sony fall back into bad habits.

Now, there are facts to support. For example, the always-popular game "Fortnite", this is a big escape mode, you or your team are thrown on a map, the game begins, until there is only one person or a team left on the map, the game ends, the aftermost winners won the game. The game can be played on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and iPhone. But the bad news is that if you create a "Fortnite" account on another system, Sony does not allow you to use the account on the PlayStation, although all other platforms are fine.

In fact, I can understand Sony's argument, but it is not suitable for gamers. Gamers, and even some developers, require cross-games and cross-over progress between all systems. The PlayStation leadership said they understand this and are investigating.

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