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6 Skills Required to Become a Top Dental Office Manager

Author: Jhon Jhony
by Jhon Jhony
Posted: Oct 09, 2018

Dental office management, just like any other managerial position in the business world carries a lot of responsibilities that the candidate should be able to hold. But when we talk about dental office, there are some specific skills that you need to pursue if you hope to carve a career in the dentistry industry.

Although there might be some hiccups such as extended hours and consistent multitasking along the way, but the returns are always lucrative.

Let’s examine the necessary skills required in dental office management.

People management skills

The foremost, and arguably the most important, are the people management skills if you hope to follow a career in dental consulting office management. In short, dealing with people from varying backgrounds and personalities in an excellent and fluent manner is essential.

Furthermore, as an office manager you’ll also delegate various kinds of tasks to other employees and provide regular training's on how to streamline office work and overall productivity of the clinic. Nature wise, you need to be compassionate, humble, but strictly professional and vocal at the same time.

Computer skills

Another skillset that goes without saying, but knowing the basic computer programs and their usage is a must. Try to incorporate various office management and MS Office tools in your general expertise in order to manage the employee and patient details, catalogue updates, inventory management, and more.

Educational requirements

Holistically speaking, there are no predefined educational obligations specifically focusing on dental office management, but a business degree or even a diploma will come of great help. You need to know how to handle stress and multitasking, conflict management, lead by example, and other activities to cater the entire clinic through your communication and team management capabilities.

Telephonic conversations

Quite an extension of the 1st point, but needs a separate addressing due to its unique importance. Your telephonic skills should be flawless due to the fact that your office phone will rarely be free. From inventory ordering to patient scheduling and everything in between, your communication over phones should be fluent and clear.

Mathematical and accounting expertise

Not being a professional mathematician, but dental office management needs the candidate to be exceptionally sound and fluent in everyday mathematics. You will be required to handle the basic accounting, bookkeeping, paying taxes, paying expenses, and keeping check on purchase ledgers regularly.

In other words, the dentist will be inquiring you regarding the total expenses, revenue and profits at the end of each month, and a comprehensive balance sheet and income statement should always be available at his request.

Business information confidentiality

Last but not the least, but keeping the personal information of the business, patients, and finances confidential is solely your responsibility. You should know the importance of protecting the clinic’s credibility and confidential records. Furthermore, being aware of the legal correspondences is also relevant in order to keep unauthorized parties away from any kind of misuse.

The above skills comprehensively define what it takes to become a top dental office manager, and acquiring them in your arsenal are surely going to open new doors for you in the industry too.
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