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The Real Cost Of Health & Wellness In 2018

Author: Prateek Jha
by Prateek Jha
Posted: Oct 10, 2018

As humans, our health and wellness is much more of a priority today compared to let’s say 10 years back. In the old days our priorities were more based on the economic success and simply enjoying life for that moment. There was not much considerations to our future and how as our healthy lifestyle diminishes, the possibility of a happy future disappears as well. Fast forward and 2018 brings us a new era of increasing individual priority for our health and wellness. People today are willing to spend double what they used to for a healthier lifestyle.

Pollution and chemicals all around us and inside our food have all slowly destroyed much of the immunity a human body is supposed to have. Countless investigative journalists have reported the secret world of pharmaceutical companies and the nearly monopolized food industry in the United States that actually gives jail terms for anyone caught secretly filming animal cruelty or any unhealthy methods used for food processing.

All of the above have led to various kind of long term health and wellness issues like Asthma which is causing the US economy nearly $79 Billion annually. If we bring in other common health problems such as overweight and obesity, the long term individual personal human costs are far more devastating. This is one of the reasons why so many health-conscious people today compare health insurance to avoid unforeseen chronic health problems in their future.

How a normal life today could in the near future be turned upside down by new revelations of heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease, stroke, Alzheimer, diabetes, influenza, pneumonia and even unintentional injuries caused by other health issues. Most often, one health problem if not solved fast can lead to a bigger problem in the future. Therefore health insurance is a priority for individuals and families today.

Health insurance is itself is a much-debated issue in the US that it has even come as a priority topic during any current major election. Individual private health insurance and government subsidized health insurance all have their advantages.

As an individual we are all different and have different health and wellness issues, in addition to our differences in monthly income. Hence it is important to thoroughly understand our direct family's health history as well as our own health situation. Once we understand this, we need to find the insurance policy that is a near perfect fit for our specific short term and long-term need.

Some insurance policies might seem perfect at first, however it is always recommended to compare with policies from other health insurance providers.

At the end of the day, we all understand clearly how the world leaders, big business and the food industry has failed us. Having a healthy life has become a must, however it alone does not guarantee us from avoiding the so many health concerns in the future. A future that we all would love to grow old and spend our time with our children and their children without having to worry about our health. If we do not do it for ourselves, we surely have to do it for our children and their children’s future.

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Prateek is a seasoned independent writer. His explanatory and creative writing style helps understand the subject matter easily and offers tips, tricks and expert suggestions for Star Health Insurance polices..

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